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variety (noun)

variance, novelty.

changes (noun)

effect, trend, shake-up.

substitution (noun)


deviate (verb)

differ, vary, deviate, diverge, veer, wander, digress, stray.

Other synonyms:

transubstantiation, budge, disembarkation, transmogrification, hit the town/street, etc., setting, lighten, decimalize, substitution, interpolate, contraction, transplant, consistency, compound, drop-off, careen, advance, board, potpourri, wavering, transmit, part, channelise, colic, transition, dislodge, vacillation, interchange, throw, reposition, burp, diversion, alter, distortion, shrink, renewing, agitate, assortment, denominate, conversion, take back, cash flow, changeover, transform, inflection, appropriation, cabbage, remove, motley, reconstruction, kick off, substitute, green, smorgasbord, backtrack, improvisation, blacken, miscellanea, reversal, turning, tack, tidy, price, fitting, off, channel, convertible, clean, deplane, succeed, legal tender, rearrangement, give way, baby talk, limiting, check out, transmutation, basket, refinement, correction, blood money, permute, refashioning, decimalise, spay, transport, gray, make way (for), relieve, qualifying, straighten up, layover, give something a try, clear out, turn into, shop, fluctuation, leg, commute, enjoyment, veering, bottle-feed, sort out, reassign, enthusiasm, turn, activity, readjustment, crowd pleaser, shekels, about-face, long green, pick up after, put something on the slate, tilt, kale, mellow, jack, delight, neuter, flip, lolly, shop around, back away, salmagundi, brush, binge, turn your hand to something, move, escapism, flip-flop, departure, deepen, vicissitude, sort, alteration, exchange, alter, bleed, chicken feed, depart, amount, renewal, scatter, falsify, pick up, review, crib death, evolution, moola, vicissitude, variety, diverseness, mixed bag, revolution, alteration, pull away, innovation, pull off, enlargement, form, make into, metamorphose, development, variegate, common currency, chips, heighten, stir, fade, replaceable, renewal, rotation, stabilization, renovation, lap, retreat, doff, mutation, tender, vary, transmute, browse, blast, bleach, get out of, port of call, begin, bounty, swop, transfer, banknote, pelf, intensify, counterchange, remodeling, baby milk, remaking, diversify, reorganization, wobble, veer, multifariousness, modification, miscellany, oscillation, constancy, revolution, needful, substitutable, landfall, change over, compression, inconstancy, resolution, catch, brighten, get, peel off, shift, fling off, win over, vary, bread, jumping-off point, ups and downs, narrowing, aberration, reworking, regeneration, switch over, the home stretch, budget, variety show, lurch, variety, removal, channelize, cot death, on, castrate, bailout, draw back, revise, coin, break with, redoing, qualification, transformation, sample, qualify, addition, kind, clean out, quarters, modify, adaption, variation, renew, diversity, amusement, breastfeed, transfigure, embark, exchange, base currency, small change, stand aside, strike out, bucks, change direction/course, game-changing, try your hand at something, mixture, transmutation, convince, bureau de change, adoption, branch out, convert, back, clean up, get on, pitch, novelty, disrobe, innovation, revamping.

Examples of usage:

Does your face change to me? - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.

Hawtrey is not a man to change. - "Masters of the Wheat-Lands", Harold Bindloss.

I will change the word. - "Melbourne House", Elizabeth Wetherell.

Similar words:

short-change, small change, take charge, take a chance, take in charge, sea chantey, take chances, single-channel, television channel, two-channel.

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