Synonyms for Queen:


card, house of cards, deck, heart, ace, face card, diamond, deuce, jack, club. old hand, maestro, past master, artist, superman, exponent, prodigy, best. aphid, bluebottle, bee, blowfly, ant, bloodsucker, black widow, beetle, boll weevil, bedbug. baronet, baroness, baronetcy, archduke, countess, aristocrat, count, aristocracy. the gold standard, perfection, the last word, flagship, the best, optimum, the Top Ten, ideal. capture, gambit, check, chessman, bishop, chessboard, chess, checkmate, grand master, castle. dyke, bull dyke, nancy, fruit. director (noun)
commandant, lord, ringleader, foreman, magistrate, director, commander, baron, dean, boss, king, supervisor, manager, overseer, general, ruler, taskmaster, officer, administrator, overlord, mayor, band master, captain, superintendent, leader, ringmaster, warden, chief, governor, executive, conductor, master.
matriarch (noun)
Grande Dame.
mogul (noun)
king, executive.
potentate (noun)
leader, chief.
queen (noun)
monarch, matriarch, pouf, wife of a king, poof, queen consort, pansy, queen mother, poove, empress, czarina, regent, queen regnant, nance, tabby, female monarch, female sovereign, world-beater, fag, female ruler, ruler, king, consort, queen dowager.
ruler (noun)
countess, queen consort, consort, monarch, matriarch, female ruler, queen mother, queen dowager, count, fairy queen, may queen, overlord, Grande Dame, prima donna, diva, regent, czarina, baroness, baron, lord, female sovereign, empress, wife of a king, goddess, queen regent.

Other synonyms:

matriarch, the gold standard, old hand, bull dyke, artist, superman, prodigy, past master, the Top Ten, nancy. dyke, flagship, best, perfection, optimum. ideal, exponent. ace, fruit, the last word. nobleman
Other relevant words:
bee, archduke, consort, pouf, baronetcy, world-beater, regent, pansy, bloodsucker, czarina, baroness, face card, heart, ace, bluebottle, checkmate, tabby, chessman, blowfly, poof, empress, club, diva, poove, best, queen regent, monarch, maestro, fairy queen, fruit, deck, queen dowager, ant, ideal, matriarch, wife of a king, baronet, castle, beetle, prodigy, goddess, perfection, gambit, capture, count, aristocrat, deuce, fag, countess, queen mother, dyke, diamond, aphid, superman, female ruler, queen regnant, female sovereign, bedbug, nance, prima donna, artist, queen consort, jack, optimum, flagship, bishop, check, female monarch, aristocracy, chess, chessboard, card, exponent, nancy.

Usage examples for queen

  1. What were you thinking about, Queen Esther? – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  2. He gave command to bring the Queen Mary about. – The Boy Allies at Jutland by Robert L. Drake
  3. How thou dost love him, O queen – Sulamith: A Romance of Antiquity by Alexandre Kuprin