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peel - 103 results
skin (noun)

shell, husk, study at skin, peeling, cover, shuck.

Examples of usage:

Sir Robert Peel refused to form a Ministry unless the Queen would part with some of her household. - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.

The peel is at the present time almost universally employed in medicine. - "The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines", T. H. Pardo de Tavera.

When made in this manner, no wine should be added, but merely sugar, and a little grated nutmeg or lemon- peel. - "The Book of Household Management", Mrs. Isabella Beeton.

Similar words:

potato peel, Sir Robert Peel, peep, peek, peer, peer review, pee-pee, Pee Dee, Pee Dee River.

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