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unclad - 38 results
naked (adjective)

peeled, undressed, nude, stripped, exposed, bare, disrobed, naked, divested, bald, denuded, unclothed.

Examples of usage:

They are the most irritable of the whole order in Ceylon, biting with such intense ferocity as to render it difficult for the unclad natives to collect the fruit from the mango trees, which the red ants especially frequent. - "Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon", J. Emerson Tennent.

The piercing blasts quite shrivelled up our poor unclad conductors, who crouched in an inert mass round log fires which they made. - "Southern Arabia", Theodore Bent Mabel Bent.

The combat was joined directly the hosts met together, but the Irish were men of peace, unclad in mail, and not accustomed to battle. - "Arthurian Chronicles: Roman de Brut", Wace.

Similar words:

unclean, unclear, uncloak, uncles, uncle, Panthera Uncia, Uncle Joe, uncle tom, great-uncle.

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