Synonyms for New:


additional (adjective)
added, other, fresh, further, more, extra, supplementary, increased.
all (adjective)
beginning (adjective)
formative, preliminary, hatching, early, embryonic, original, infantile, precursory, nascent, incipient, newborn, infant, baby, introductory, emerging, sprouting, germinal, alpha, foremost, inaugural, Commencing, initial, fetal, starting, primal, budding, primordial, primeval, first, preparatory, maiden, genesis, beginning, Dawned, aboriginal.
different (adjective)
dissimilar, unusual, different, distinct, unlike.
earliest (adjective)
early (adjective)
initial, primeval.
green (adjective)
untrained, wet behind the ears.
in the beginning (adjective)
modernized, restored (adjective)
new (adjective)
modern, avant-garde, late-breaking, latest, up-to-date, contemporary, recent, experimental, topical, unused, up-to-the-minute, fresh, Pioneering, current, novel.
newfangled (adjective)
present (adjective)
recent, fresh (adjective)
latest, unique, late, contemporary, unused, unlike, dissimilar, fashionable, novel, original, unusual, unaccustomed, distinct, current, inexperienced, unskilled, unfamiliar, now, unspoiled, different, spick-and-span, untrained, topical, up-to-date, modish, newfangled, brand-new, modern, recent, untried.
untried (adjective)
untried, untested.


currently (adverb)


recently (adverb)
lately, freshly, newly.


acquisition, hothouse, assimilation, flashcard, education, insight, discovery, exercise, exploratory. opening, front end, all along, now, existent, from the get-go, present, present-day, at first, time, existing. anonymous, secret, mysterious, obscure, private, hidden, uncertain, personal. different, in the making, fledgling, inventive, unfamiliar, dynamic, in its infancy, progressive. further, added, on the up and up, extra, remedial, additional, increase, dressed-up, more, for the better, Furbished, enhanced, second-generation, compensatory, improved. fresh (noun)
inexperienced (noun)
unskilled, incompetent, untrained.
modern (noun)
fashionable, modish.
new (noun)
newborn, revolutionary, new to, untried, fresh, newfound, refreshing, original, spic-and-span, untested, unexampled, unprecedented, parvenue, late, freshly, new-sprung, recently, bran-new, modern, unused, baby, sunrise, raw, newly, young, rising, other, newly arisen, parvenu, inexperienced, radical, brand-new, novel, early, spick-and-span, recent, newfangled, wet behind the ears, red hot, unaccustomed, hot.
novel (noun)
unique, unusual.
recently (noun)

Other synonyms:

all along, present-day, Furbished, front end, improved, enhanced, added. further, compensatory, dressed-up, opening, second-generation. existent, remedial, unfamiliar, fledgling, inventive, existing, dynamic. different. more. now, progressive. inexperienced
Other relevant words:
increased, refreshing, radical, hot, personal, further, Pioneering, brand-new, unusual, unskilled, compensatory, newfound, front end, unexampled, red hot, fashionable, revolutionary, different, freshly, progressive, new to, supplementary, present-day, dissimilar, remedial, other, spic-and-span, spick-and-span, parvenue, unspoiled, existent, inexperienced, experimental, modish, sunrise, unique, more, existing, new-sprung, present, untrained, fledgling, untried, lately, young, untested, unlike, parvenu, raw, dressed-up, extra, unfamiliar, added, newly, improved, distinct, incompetent, opening, now, late, additional, unused, enhanced, inventive, unprecedented, newfangled, Furbished, unaccustomed, rising, recently, bran-new.

Usage examples for new

  1. A new look came over his face. – The Boy Scouts on a Submarine by Captain John Blaine
  2. What new idea had she in her head? – The Darling and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
  3. I got nothing new here. – The Million-Dollar Suitcase by Alice MacGowan Perry Newberry