Synonyms for Politician:


bureaucrat, fraud, wheeler dealer, lawmaker, hypocrite, liar, cheat, legislator, CONMAN, partisan, fixer, crook, brown-nose. congresswoman, diplomat, Eurocrat, statesman, congressperson, elder statesman, congressman, carpetbagger, gentlewoman, free marketeer, gentleman, dove. timeserver, man on horseback, demagogue, agitator, poser. person pursuing or occupying elective office (noun)
legislator, congressperson, partisan, lawmaker.
politician (noun)
pol, political leader, politico.

Other synonyms:

fraud, wheeler dealer, cheat, liar, statesman, CONMAN, hypocrite. crook, diplomat, fixer. Other relevant words:
congressman, Eurocrat, dove, CONMAN, gentlewoman, carpetbagger, wheeler dealer, agitator, elder statesman, timeserver, congressperson, statesman, cheat, lawmaker, legislator, fraud, hypocrite, fixer, liar, partisan, congresswoman, diplomat, brown-nose, crook, demagogue, gentleman, bureaucrat, poser.

Usage examples for politician

  1. " Yet it is the politician you should seek to interest in these things. – The Henchman by Mark Lee Luther
  2. If you imagine that Quarrier will do more for the people than any other politician you will find yourselves mistaken. – Denzil Quarrier by George Gissing