Synonyms for Poll:


ballot, casting vote, Aye, consensus, absolute majority, adoption, absentee ballot, census, vote, absentee vote, ballot box, abstention, block vote. conk, direct elections, head, nut, noodle, election, by election, disenfranchise, body, noggin, chad, electioneering, advance poll, beauty contest, noddle, block, campaign, bean, elect. put someone on the spot, pick someone's brains, demand, put to, interview. questionnaire, rhetorical question, leading question. census; tally of answers to questions of opinion (noun)
canvass, vote, ballot, survey.
head (noun)
head count (noun)
noodle (noun)
poll (noun)
crown, public opinion poll, canvass, poll parrot, pollard, opinion poll, canvas, pate.
question (noun)
exploration, inquest, contemplation, examination, interpellation, inquiry, interrogation.


question (verb)
dispute, challenge, explore, catechize, survey, ask, seek, quiz, inquire, interpolate, question, examine, delve, interrogate, canvass, contemplate, debate, investigate, query, probe.
take census; question (verb)
examine, interview.

Other synonyms:

conk, head, noddle, census, ballot, leading question, rhetorical question, noodle, noggin. election. bean. nut. block. inquiry
Other relevant words:
census, vote, election, crown, questionnaire, head, pate, public opinion poll, casting vote, pollard, opinion poll, poll parrot, conk, bean, canvas, campaign, block, noggin, nut, ballot, interview, ballot box, Aye, noodle, noddle, electioneering.

Usage examples for poll

  1. When they are all over, and you are comfortable and happy, just the joy of being sure of Little Poll has transformed you. – A Daughter of the Land by Gene Stratton-Porter
  2. In the first place, he was in a towering passion at the impudence of Bob in presuming to offer himself as a candidate for the great council; and having offered himself, the rage of the Captain was in no degree abated by the circumstance of the young rascal's being at the head of the poll – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper