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spare - 358 results
Other synonyms:

unneeded, tightfisted, loan, save up, au naturel, meagre, quit, penny-pinching, cede, unfinished, costless, flab, complement, forgo, pinching, sufficient, throw overboard, closefisted, cease, accessible, skinny, keep open, available, pointless, simply, desolate, save, redeem, apparent, unnecessary, squeeze in, marginal, spare part, make unnecessary, supplement, not lay a finger on someone, chuck up the sponge, give up, fatless, throw in, purposeless, bare, further, kick, unembellished, close, too, seasonal, absolve, mean no harm, skimpy, meager, find, unornamented, skimp, bony, vacant, sheer, abandon, middle-aged spread, economize, vacate, supplementary, lean, unsheathed, defend, release, unmixed, frugal, excess, stop, hold open, stinting, hand-to-mouth, overcapacity, surrender, reserve, economise, poor, renounce, together with something, carry through, shipshape, relinquish, light, unoccupied, drop out, chintzy, pull through, allow, double chin, addition, tight, throw in the towel, have, trig, unmistakable, baby fat, additional, keep (a) watch, nude, forfeit, supererogatory, lend, deadwood, lay off, cheap, unpatterned, conserve, dispense with, slender, loose, exempt, open, fit in, gratuitous, love handles, sparse, niggard, thin, parsimonious, usable, part with, patent, discharge, unadorned, liberal, on offer, gut, discontinue, detached, inadequate, superfluous, bring through, lithe, have time on your hands, safeguard, going, not harm/touch a hair on someone's head, pleonastic, otiose, devoid, destitute, turn the other cheek, fifth wheel, free, public, redundant, gratis, dainty, advance, put aside, fat, lay aside, overflow, cellulite, drop by the wayside, forego, tailored, extra, wiry, plainly, mean, manifest, penurious, resign, preserve, mingy, favor, exiguous, supernumerary, excuse, overkill, shield, naked, protect, let off, salvage, scanty, keep, foreswear, unmingled, functional, sinewy, overrun, well-kept, as well, special, pinchpenny, shelter, scarce, relieve, stripped, homely, beer gut, unvarnished, meagerly, surplus, besides, tautologic, barren, stand up for, salve, wasted, svelte, dispense, watch over, waive, fall by the wayside, write, beer belly, lanky, tautological, deliver, mere, find (the) time, willowy, senseless, clean-cut, trim, uncharitable, evident, guard, also, complimentary, in addition.

Examples of usage:

I shall sleep in the spare room next you to- night." - "Jewel A Chapter In Her Life", Clara Louise Burnham.

" I can't spare you now, Hetty," he answered. - "Hetty's Strange History", Anonymous.

I can spare only a few minutes. - "Malcolm Sage, Detective", Herbert George Jenkins.

Similar words:

sparse, spark, spark advance, spark arrester, spark chamber, spark counter, spark off, spark plug, sparid, Sparid Fish.

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