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shelter - 180 results
Other synonyms:

active adult community, cherish, watch over, gated community, call off, in-law apartment, hospice, covert, nurture, beat off, deflect, domicile, hiding place, domesticate, parry, doublewide, keep (a) watch, fight off, cover, retreat, group home, house, lean-to, hold off, treasure, cover yourself, housing, ward, stand up to, stand up for, protective covering, council house, screen, hold dear, encourage, hideaway, entertain, kennel, handler, harborage, protection, trade protection, hospital, cat litter, pillbox, nourish, fallout shelter, safety, drive off, cheer, fend off, protect, guardhouse, bomb shelter, cohousing, protective cover, affordable housing, cling to, home, lodging, heel, Nissen hut, litter, Kitty litter, tribute, answer to, auspices, nurse, aegis, cache, harbor, fight your corner, exercise, home unit, sanctum, guard, foster, defend, bolt-hole, humpy, comfort, value, attack, shield, tax shelter, bunker, blockhouse.

Examples of usage:

" We can all take shelter in the buildings here for the night. - "Warlord of Kor", Terry Gene Carr.

He wanted to tell her of his plans; to ask her to wait and to beg of her to join him as soon as he had a shelter to offer her. - "The Outcaste", F. E. Penny.

Can you get some way of moving me to shelter? - "The Cow Puncher", Robert J. C. Stead.

Similar words:

shelter deck, shelter tent, sheltered, Shelton Jackson Lee, shelve, shellac, shepherd, shepherd dog, shepherd's clock.

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