Synonyms for Hospital:


mri, dilation and curettage, x ray, sick bay, magnetic resonance imaging, eeg, Rehabilitation Center, repair shop, computerized axial tomography, or, clinic, sanitarium, intravenous, sick house, detox, outpatient ward, er, funny farm, iv, dispensary, intensive care unit, Army Hospital, obstetrics and gynecology, General Practice, day center, CCU, Emergency Medical Service, City Hospital, Health Service, institution for the physically sick, PET Scan, OB GYN, electrocardiogram, Public Hospital, valetudinarium, operating room, Red Cross hospital, VA hospital, emergency room, pharmacy, CAT scan, EMS, electroencephalogram, positron emission tomography, CT-SCAN, dead on arrival, Halfway House, icu, d.o.a., care home, hospital for the mentally sick, dose, field hospital, treatment center, RX, mental hospital, day care, lying-in hospital, medical center, cardiac care unit, PHARM, ekg, General Hospital, sanatorium. home, protection, shelter, hospice, asylum. artifact (noun)
clinic (noun)
home (noun)
asylum, shelter.
hospital (noun)
hospice, sanatorium, sanitarium, sick bay, clinic, infirmary, emergency room, Health Service.

Other synonyms:

hospice, sanitarium. asylum. shelter. home. icu
intensive care unit.
clinic, infirmary.
Other relevant words:
home, detox, ekg, intravenous, pharmacy, clinic, RX, EMS, PHARM, field hospital, iv, icu, mental hospital, shelter, protection, Public Hospital, electroencephalogram, emergency room, sanatorium, er, CCU, dose, sanitarium, valetudinarium, hospice, or, dispensary, x ray, electrocardiogram, sick bay, Health Service, mri, asylum, eeg, General Hospital, infirmary.

Usage examples for hospital

  1. He was hot and more tired than he had been since he had left the hospital – Ralestone Luck by Andre Norton
  2. It was my hospital – "Speaking of Operations--" by Irvin S. Cobb
  3. Hospital didn't help him. – Homeburg Memories by George Helgesen Fitch