Synonyms for Forest:


agricultural (adjective)
agricultural, horticultural, pastoral, farm, rustic, cultivated, agrarian, agronomic, rural.


glade, scrubland, swamp, orchard, clearing, chaparral, rain forest. bush (noun)
chaparral, brush, scrub, Boscage, scrubland.
coppice (noun)
forest (noun)
timber, thicket, wood, afforest, backwoods, copse, shelter, chase, growth, jungle, park, timberland, woodland, brake, covert, weald, coppice, clump, grove, woods, cover.
group (noun)
woods, wood.
grove (noun)
spinney, orchard.
timber (noun)
weald, timberland.
woods (noun)
chase, growth, dell, park, area below timberline, copse, jungle, covert, greenwood, coppice, scrub, wold, virgin forest, the forest primeval, dingle, Boscage, brush, spinney, shelter, backwoods, Bosk, second growth, grove, stand of trees, thicket, brake, weald, cover, brushwood, clump, tall timber.

Other synonyms:

clearing, chaparral, glade, thicket, scrubland. swamp. brush. rain forest
woods, grove.
Other relevant words:
brushwood, greenwood, grove, wold, covert, backwoods, chaparral, Boscage, rain forest, chase, growth, coppice, scrub, brake, shelter, clump, timber, copse, wood, weald, afforest, thicket, brush, scrubland, cover, spinney, woods, jungle, park, Bosk, woodland, timberland.

Usage examples for forest

  1. " Into the forest Nejdanov thought, calling to mind Paklin's words. – Virgin Soil by Ivan S. Turgenev
  2. " No, it is not," said Tayoga, " because there is plenty of room in the forest for him and for us, too. – The Hunters of the Hills by Joseph Altsheler
  3. They stood side by side, looking at the forest – The World That Couldn't Be by Clifford Donald Simak