Synonyms for Treasure:


concern, element, essence, staple, feature, basis, burning issue/question, priority, core, key. collect, angel, inventory, samaritan, stash, go-to guy, saint, savior, reservoir, fairy godmother, mensch, reserve, nest egg, backlog, star. riches, affluence, jump for joy, rejoice in, live happily ever after, rejoice, rich, pelf, look forward to, brighten, owned, be happy for someone, thrive on. antique, artefact, artifact, collector's item, collectible, antiquarian, pearl, collector, antiquity, collection. chain, bauble, jewelry, jewellery, novelty, BLING, trinket. retain, keep, store up, set-aside, save. angel (noun)
darling (noun)
honey, idol, beloved, love, sweetheart, precious, pet, jewel, dear, favorite, darling.
discovery (noun)
jewelry (noun)
money (noun)
check, gold, bullion, swag, iou, dollar, currency, receipts, purse, gross, copper, loot, profit, funds, stock, greenback, silver, net worth, sterling, balance sheet, bond, pocket money, nugget, proceeds, worth, wallet, bank note, capital, wampum, coinage, note, assets, cash, income, money, money order, pounds, moolah, lucre, change, spending money, fortune, promissory note, wealth, dough, coupon, wad, scratch, wherewithal, draft, ingot, issue, bankroll, petty cash, ways and means, bill.
prized possession or entity (noun)
cash, capital, fortune, gem, catch, cache, hoard, prize, riches, find, money, reserve, darling, pile, pearl, jewel, store, abundance, wealth, nest egg, gold, funds.
richness (noun)
find, pile, reserve, riches, abundance, nest egg.
stash (noun)
store (noun)
coffer, stockpile, bank, emporium, grocery, mart, accumulation, hoard, market, locker, archive, larder, arsenal, repository, cellar, safe, library, crib, storehouse, cache, store, commissary, bin, lumberyard, storage, depot, silo, warehouse, buttery, storeroom, closet, supermarket, granary, hayloft, vault, depository, Corncrib, armory, cupboard.
treasure (noun)
care for, prize, cherish, value, gem, appreciate, hoarded wealth, hold dear.
treasury (noun)
kitty, piggy bank, bursary, till, cash box, treasure house, treasury, strongbox, coin box, drawer, chest.
trophy (noun)
cup, crown, laurel, memento, favor, commemoration, memorial, ribbon, testimonial, keepsake, palm, souvenir, garland, remembrance, prize, monument, trophy, catch, wreath, plaque, memorabilia, marker.
wealth (noun)


hold dear (verb)
cherish, appreciate, value, save, love.

Other synonyms:

fairy godmother, affluence, jewellery, BLING, rejoice in, savior, trinket, samaritan, mensch, brighten, jewelry, look forward to, go-to guy. backlog, nest egg, pearl, saint, pelf, angel, stash, riches, bauble, reservoir. novelty, inventory. star. chain. love
Other relevant words:
key, staple, rejoice, artefact, reservoir, brighten, novelty, value, jewelry, store up, concern, basis, jewellery, angel, savior, saint, rich, hold dear, essence, antiquity, owned, antique, collection, retain, reserve, collector, save, pelf, stash, priority, nest egg, assets, feature, collectible, collect, artifact, samaritan, find, gem, care for, appreciate, affluence, pile, element, abundance, collector's item, hoarded wealth, bauble, keep, chain, cherish, core, star, BLING, antiquarian, pearl, inventory, trinket, mensch, riches, backlog.

Usage examples for treasure

  1. Stephanie took up her treasure and examined it anxiously. – For the Sake of the School by Angela Brazil
  2. Where on earth did you pick up such a treasure – Lady Rose's Daughter by Mrs. Humphry Ward