Synonyms for Register:


convector, membership, dehumidifier, personnel, ac, air-conditioned, central heating, air conditioning, entry, boiler, air conditioner. grate, B, DO, C, bass, beat, crotchet, double flat, vent, chord, D. interlanguage, remember, diglossia, basilect, dialect, first language, insert, heritage language, creole, acrolect, home language, interlingual, post. blotter, datebook, baby book, mark, address book, audio book, appointment book. knowledge, sink in, dawn on, state, articulate, comment, formulate, soak in, air, sound off, speak out, pronounce on, remark. identify, detect, discover, pick out, notice, recognize, observe, spot, tell, discern. get off, send out, circulate, fire off, dispatch, get, ship, send, copy to. display case, mannequin, awning, listening post, cart, case, plate glass, dummy, floor model. blacklist, glossary, bibliography, hit list, hot list, checklist, formula, blue book. gauge, sound, fit out, weigh, pace out, measure out, quantify, measure. reference, waitlist, sign in, sign up. cross, falter, clear, gleam, crease, creep, flash, crumple, furrow. sweep, clinch, mop up, wrap up, triumph, notch up, win, romp ahead, be placed first/second etc., conquer. account (noun)
inventory, balance, account, docket, slate, roll, Cashbook, asset, profit and loss, books, schedule, receipts, ledger, balance sheet, total, general ledger, invoice, reckoning, journal, budget.
account book (noun)
almanac (noun)
chronicle (noun)
index, biography, scrapbook, recital, narrative, memo, album, statement, newsletter, chronology, notebook, newspaper, memorandum, yearbook, description, catalog, history, archive, epic, Bank book, anecdote, chronicle, calendar, book, enumeration, record, autobiography, log, daybook, diary.
chronology (noun)
minutes, time card, timepiece, timer.
communication (noun)
furnace (noun)
Bunsen Burner, infrared lamp, hearth, Franklin stove, burner, potbellied stove, warmer, induction heater, firebox, oven, solar heater, blast furnace, steam heater, kiln, smelter, coal stove, furnace, water heater, fireplace, jet, coke oven, heater, radiator, sun lamp.
list (noun)
list, census, tabulate, recording, workbook, roster, detail, manifest, pad, file, sum, count, bill, documentation, dictionary, tally, registry, Storybook, collection, lexicon, annals, waybill, logbook, summary, cash book, repertory, blank-book, recount, store, menu, itemization, table, check, scroll, annual, thesaurus, score, novel, digest, treasury, tablet.
list, record (noun)
catalog, file, entry, schedule, scroll, diary, annals, roster, memorandum, roll, registry, chronicle, book, log, ledger.
record (noun)
register (noun)
cross-file, show, registry, file, read, record, cash register.
table (noun)
treasury (noun)


chronicle (verb)
Journalize, note, clock, enumerate, minute.
enroll (verb)
enlist, subscribe, enroll, join.
enter in list, record (verb)
join, note, enlist, subscribe, enroll, inscribe, record, list, sign up.
indicate, reveal (verb)
manifest, show, mark, read.
list (verb)
summarize, itemize, audit, collect, document.
make an impression (verb)
tell, dawn on, sink in.
record (verb)
enter, transcribe, indicate, inscribe.

Other synonyms:

quantify, pace out, measure out. sign in, waitlist, sign up, weigh. insert, soak in. mark, post. gauge. measure, reference. sound. enroll
Other relevant words:
comment, sign in, get, sign up, cross-file, sink in, dawn on, send, read, sweep, bibliography, show, notch up, cash register, measure, sound, soak in, checklist, insert, appointment book, discover, remark, mark, blacklist, post, remember, entry, win, datebook, weigh, tell, waitlist, state.

Usage examples for register

  1. But you'd better get those title- deeds entered in the register as soon as ever you can. – Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  2. " Are you sure," asked Jacques Two, of Defarge, " that no embarrassment can arise from our manner of keeping the register – A Tale of Two Cities A Story of the French Revolution by Charles Dickens