Synonyms for Oven:


blender, Barbie, coffee maker, colander, coffee machine, beater. furnace (noun)
solar heater, water heater, fireplace, jet, Bunsen Burner, heater, sun lamp, blast furnace, radiator, coke oven, Franklin stove, kiln, smelter, hearth, steam heater, firebox, induction heater, potbellied stove, burner, register, infrared lamp.
heater (noun)
furnace, radiator.
hell (noun)
gehenna, bedlam, styx, abyss, limbo, morass, horror, purgatory, hades, inferno, furnace, mire, holocaust.
oven (noun)
electric oven, baker, broiler, Dutch Oven, toaster, barbecue, grill, roaster, cookery, kiln, stove, brazier, boiler, electric stove, Chafer, brick oven, coal stove, microwave oven, Dutch stove, range, cooker, warmer.
stove (noun)
coke, heater, bush, charcoal, dutch, boiler, gas, cooker, oil burner, egyptian, drying kiln, electric, firing, annealing, hot-air sterilizer, pottery, warmer, electric stove, hot-air chamber, rotisserie, toaster oven, leer, beehive, metallurgical.

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Usage examples for oven

  1. Bake in slow oven 1 hour. – Foods That Will Win The War And How To Cook Them (1918) by C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss
  2. I asked him if he ever heard that rare piece of bird music, the flight song of the oven bird. – Camping & Tramping with Roosevelt by John Burroughs