Synonyms for Budget:


cheap (adjective)
on sale, inexpensive, at cost, economical, half-price, reasonable, bargain, reduced, competitive, low price, cheap, dirt cheap, marked down.


financial statement, cost of living, Resources, means, funds, economy, favorable, allocations, budgetary figures, cost of operation, financial plan, spending plan, accounts, planned disbursement, economic, estimated expenses. body, agent, dispatch box, corpus, bulk, backbench, big, quantity, Benches, the Commons, the House of Commons, the Budget, filibuster, the House of Lords, amount, the House. blood money, change, bailout, bounty, cash flow, appropriation, bankroll, bond. put aside, false economy, retrench, save on, cut back, salt away, put away. account (noun)
general ledger, asset, books, roll, receipts, profit and loss, total, balance sheet, slate, account, journal, reckoning, balance, schedule, register, ledger, invoice, docket, inventory, Cashbook.
allotment (noun)
assignment, percentage, lot, allotment, piece, stake, stipend, dispensation, commission, part, chunk, proportion, division, quantum, allocation, apportionment, quota, allowance.
amount (noun)
budget (noun)
allotment, means, allowance, ration, allow, funds, quota, allocation, allot, Resources, apportion, allocate.
financial plan (noun)
statement, planned disbursement, estimated expenses, account, funds, allocation, means, quantum, bulk, allowance, spending plan, quantity, Resources, total.
list (noun)
diary, calendar, index, registry, dictionary, tablet, thesaurus, menu, scroll, daybook, enumeration, summary, count, chronicle, list, detail, collection, store, manifest, tabulate, scrapbook, recount, album, catalog, pad, Storybook, itemization, recording, waybill, tally, logbook, Bank book, treasury, file, check, statement, cash book, record, annual, annals, yearbook, table, score, roster, notebook, digest, workbook, bill, history, book, documentation, census, log, novel, repertory, lexicon, sum, blank-book.
portion (noun)
dividend, interest, half, stock, subdivision, fraction, member, sector, bit, helping, compartment.


allot (verb)
allocate, dispense, partition, split, Mete, distribute, divide, slice, earmark, apportion, share, deal, ration, cut, set, allot, portion, measure, give, parcel, allow, assign, segment.
economize (verb)
economize, conserve, scrimp, save, pinch pennies, moderate.
list (verb)
document, summarize, Journalize, itemize, note, audit, collect, enumerate.
plan money or action (verb)
ration, allocate, apportion.
portion (verb)
dismember, zone, compartmentalize, subdivide, halve.

Other synonyms:

means, false economy, save on, salt away, bailout, blood money, corpus, retrench. appropriation, put aside, cash flow, bankroll. bounty, quantity. bulk. put away. amount, change. bond. body. Other relevant words:
change, appropriation, spending plan, Resources, means, funds, estimated expenses, bounty, bailout, amount, economic, quantity, body, accounts, retrench, economy, cost of living, bulk, corpus, planned disbursement.

Usage examples for budget

  1. The budget was proposed once a year, by the council of state, and voted by the States- General, who assigned the quota of each province; that of Holland being always one- half of the whole, that of Zeeland sixteen per cent. – History of the United Netherlands, 1609 by John Lothrop Motley
  2. National security is government's first responsibility; so in past years defense spending took about half the Federal budget – State of the Union Addresses of Ronald Reagan by Ronald Reagan
  3. The letter carrier always delivered the daily budget of mail to the little maid under the trees when the weather permitted of her being at her post, and it chanced that for a fortnight after the answers to her endless chain began pouring in, she received her own mail, so no one but Allee knew her secret, and there was no one but Allee to help her out with her heavy postage bills. – Heart of Gold by Ruth Alberta Brown