Synonyms for Schedule:


bookable, book on, aisle seat, afloat, booking, aboard, Booking office, bus, board, ARR. planning, arrangements, blueprint, agreement, remember, conspiracy, tactic, preparation. lineup, Consent Form, blue book, dossier, confidentiality agreement, certificate, Annual Report, timetable, order of the day, planned, company report, concept statement, charter. put back, put off, move, bring forward, reschedule, postpone, time, rearrange. account (noun)
inventory, account, budget, reckoning, register, asset, profit and loss, Cashbook, books, journal, total, ledger, invoice, receipts, general ledger, balance sheet, roll, docket, balance, slate.
calculation (noun)
estimation, conclusion, multiplication, calculus, computation, inference, method, calculation, presumption, consideration, determination, thought, appraisal, measurement, arithmetic, approximation, mathematics, algorithm, assessment, quantification, algebra, evaluation, statistics, enumeration, valuation, judgement, division, system, supposition, deduction, triangulation.
course of action (noun)
intention (noun)
forecast, intention, wish, goal, proposal, strategy, prospectus, agenda, forethought, expectation, scenario, ambition, aim, approach, endeavor, policy, procedure, choice, idea, will, object.
lineup (noun)
list (noun)
history, dictionary, census, calendar, novel, catalog, daybook, notebook, cash book, itemization, album, documentation, lexicon, recording, detail, record, blank-book, treasury, index, thesaurus, check, file, summary, book, logbook, registry, roster, scrapbook, table, recount, tablet, digest, manifest, scroll, waybill, diary, bill, repertory, annual, menu, statement, collection, list, annals, tabulate, yearbook, Storybook, Bank book, workbook, chronicle, store, pad, log.
on time (noun)
punctual, not lagging behind, being pushed along.
plan for one's time (noun)
lineup, registry, record, program, calendar, agenda, inventory, table, catalog, docket, roll, roster, timetable, list, chart.
table (noun)


calculate (verb)
rationalize, approximate, enumerate, rank, reckon, think, determine, calculate, triangulate, plot, score, assess, plan, multiply, presume, quantify, add, suppose, weigh, rate, judge, figure, conclude, program, sum, systematize, infer, evaluate, estimate, study, gauge, deduce, guess, value, count, divide, quantize, measure, compute, consider, surmise, scheme, appraise, tally.
list (verb)
document, itemize, summarize, Journalize, collect, audit, note.
order (verb)
group, categorize, harmonize, array, adjust, normalize, fix, organize, marshal, orchestrate, cast, support, maintain, schematize, type, establish, shape, unsnarl, order, Methodize, regulate, frame, separate, chart, form, place, sort, classify, prepare, structure, integrate, stratify, arrange, sift, set, mediate, right, unify, screen, control, design, subordinate, grade, stabilize, compose, pigeonhole, class, collate, devise, settle.
plan one's time (verb)
organize, time, book, arrange, set, note, slate, register.

Other synonyms:

postpone, order of the day, put back, timetable. bring forward, rearrange. lineup, put off. time. move. Other relevant words:
planning, timetable, lineup, blueprint, reschedule, order of the day, time, rearrange.

Usage examples for schedule

  1. Rivers told Roger that he had allowed two months and a half for the journey to their present place, and they were ten days ahead of the schedule – The Boy With the U. S. Survey by Francis Rolt-Wheeler