Synonyms for Mediate:


cope, handle, shrug off, overcome, manage, carry off, surmount, work out, get through. bridge-building, buckle, concession, break up, call off. catalyze, inaugurate, start-off, make, invent, bring about, trigger, set off, create. arbitrate (noun)
mediate (noun)
in-between, intermediate, indirect, liaise, intercede, mediated, middle, arbitrate.


compromise (verb)
compensate, appease, allow, adjust, concede, reconcile, bargain, settle, accommodate, compromise.
intervene (verb)
expedite, implement, aid.
judge (verb)
arbitrate, sentence, consider, referee, decide, rule, pronounce, find, assess, appraise, judge, adjudicate, determine, resolve.
mediate (verb)
intervene, assist, negotiate, intercede, facilitate, parley, conciliate.
order (verb)
group, devise, rationalize, unsnarl, plot, sift, fix, program, harmonize, maintain, normalize, establish, classify, array, schematize, class, subordinate, right, marshal, set, schedule, scheme, organize, plan, support, integrate, arrange, stratify, stabilize, rank, orchestrate, order, regulate, rate, separate, type, form, score, balance, shape, control, Methodize, chart, cast, unify, structure, place, screen, compose, collate, categorize, grade, prepare, frame, systematize, design, pigeonhole, sort.
try to bring to an agreement (verb)
intercede, propitiate, negotiate, resolve, intervene, conciliate, arbitrate, referee, intermediate, settle, reconcile.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
cope, trigger, create, invent, buckle, manage, mediated, bridge-building, liaise, catalyze, inaugurate, intermediate, middle, make, handle, concession, overcome, indirect, in-between, propitiate, work out, surmount.