Synonyms for Planning:


strategy, plot, agreement, tactic, arrangements, laying down guide lines, conspiracy, masterminding, looking into, blueprint, thinking of, developing a plan, preparatory, plan. built-up, civilization, citywide, cityscape, city planning, charter, civic, city, citified. cognition (noun)
provision, preparation.
planning (noun)
provision, preparation.
preparation (noun)
devising, plan, Outlining.


calculating (verb)
dividing, scoring, rating, measuring, appraising, Presuming, figuring, Estimating, Assessing, Deducing, judging, programming, weighing, calculating, guessing, ranking, Tallying, Considering, reckoning, accounting, Approximating, scheming, rationalizing, thinking, Inferring, Enumerating, Triangulating, counting, Supposing, studying, Surmising, evaluating, Valuing, Gauging, quantifying, determining, Adding, concluding, Totaling, computing, Systematizing, Plotting, Summing, scheduling, quantizing, Multiplying.
imagining (verb)
Perceiving, Opining, fantasizing, Imagining, Contemplating, envisioning, brainstorming, observing, Theorizing, daydreaming, Creating, reflecting.
intending (verb)
resolving, Expecting, wishing, meaning, Intending, Endeavoring, Aiming, Minding, Choosing, Proposing.
ordering (verb)
casting, Preparing, framing, regulating, sifting, balancing, settling, stabilizing, Classifying, Harmonizing, shaping, designing, charting, Maintaining, Adjusting, integrating, supporting, normalizing, devising, pigeonholing, Methodizing, Righting, screening, Forming, unsnarling, Arraying, setting, Placing, Marshalling, fixing, typing, Classing, grouping, categorizing, controlling, Organizing, ordering, sorting, Mediating, unifying, arranging, Separating, grading, subordinating, structuring, Establishing, Stratifying, orchestrating, schematizing, Collating, composing.
outlining (verb)
tracing, Circumscribing, Outlining, representing, Delineating, silhouetting, contouring, drawing, profiling, drafting, Sketching.
planning (verb)
Anticipating, Conceiving, Inventing, Contriving, Premeditating, blueprinting, coordinating.
predetermining (verb)
designing, Premeditating, predetermining, devising.

Other synonyms:

blueprint, tactic, plan, plot, strategy, conspiracy. agreement. provision
Other relevant words:
charter, citified, plot, masterminding, blueprint, citywide, conspiracy, plan, arrangements, agreement, city, preparatory, provision, preparation, strategy, civic, cityscape, built-up, tactic, civilization.

Usage examples for planning

  1. It was with quick suspicion that I wondered why Mother Borton had secured again that gloomy and deserted house for the interview she was planning – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  2. How full a life I led in those days while I was absorbed in planning out his future! – The Country Doctor by Honore de Balzac
  3. What is the good in planning ahead, with the house watched night and day? – The Spy in Black by J. Storer Clouston