Synonyms for Collection:


archive, finding, compilation, audience, card catalog, Securing, carrel, bookmobile, archivist, roundup, art gallery, recovering, accession. bundle, age group, busload, cluster, knot, clump, crush, clutch. arsenal, collect, Cumulation, congeries, bale. atlas, almanac, blook, autobiography, bestseller, authority, biography, bible. antique, antiquarian, collector's item, artefact, collector, antiquity, collectible, artifact. couturier, fashionista, catwalk, fashion house, fashion show, goth, house, fashion, haute couture. acquisition (noun)
assumption, appropriation, procurement, addition, catch, purchase, annexation, acquisition, accumulation, gain, claim.
collection (noun)
appeal, ingathering, stew, assortment, federation, aggregation, solicitation, assemblage, corps, assembling, compendium, anthology, bloc, college, medley, salad, collecting, accumulation, partnership, mix, omnium-gatherum, garland, council, formation.
list (noun)
ledger, notebook, table, file, Storybook, scroll, total, digest, log, manifest, journal, lexicon, roster, itemization, bill, tally, dictionary, pad, diary, tabulate, workbook, invoice, detail, daybook, logbook, register, inventory, registry, repertory, recording, list, calendar, album, statement, treasury, book, thesaurus, record, menu, enumeration, docket, budget, Bank book, scrapbook, census, annals, count, account, chronicle, yearbook, schedule, roll, sum, annual, recount, tablet, catalog, cash book, novel, waybill, store, check, documentation, blank-book, score, history, summary, index.
oblation (noun)
devotion, oblation, libation, votive offering, offering, penitence, burnt offering, sacrifice, dedication, offertory.
variety (noun)

Other synonyms:

concentration, Cumulation, fashionista, compilation, Amassment, antiquarian, fashion show, collation, fashion house, roundup, couturier, artifact, collector's item, age group, omnibus, recovery. batch, selection, antique, crush, retrieval, catwalk, collector, bundle, collectible. round up, goth, antiquity, fashion, knot, battery. capture, mass, clump. cluster. lot. house. medley

Usage examples for collection

  1. Collection letters are hardest to write. – The Book of Business Etiquette by Nella Henney
  2. It had Vaughan's collection in it, all bound together. – The Gloved Hand by Burton E. Stevenson
  3. Alas, my collection was only too complete! – Secret Memoirs: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess by Henry W. Fischer