Synonyms for Appraise:


conceptualize, draw a conclusion/an inference, hit on, price, assay, come up with, conceive, sum up. study at, apply, application form, biodata, bid, bidder, size up, applicant, affirmative action, application. take the measure of, chain, building society, bridge loan, closing, balloon mortgage, blockbusting, bath, appraisal, br. appraise (noun)
evaluate, measure, survey, valuate, value, assess.


calculate (verb)
count, measure, presume, gauge, judge, study, deduce, value, evaluate, rate, systematize, assess, tally, surmise, calculate, quantify, divide, triangulate, sum, reckon, suppose, account, score, enumerate, plot, compute, quantize, conclude, infer, add, determine, program, rationalize, total, approximate, guess, scheme, consider, multiply, schedule, figure, rank, estimate, plan, think, weigh.
cognition (verb)
evaluate, value, valuate, assess, measure.
judge (verb)
sentence, mediate, find, rule, pronounce, referee, resolve, arbitrate, adjudicate, decide.
judge, estimate (verb)
survey, value, price, valuate, calculate, assay, assess, gauge, evaluate, rate, figure.
measure (verb)
calibrate, test, survey, benchmark, scale.
think (verb)
cerebrate, speculate, muse, concentrate, debate, analyze, imagine, cogitate, envision, brood, reason, reflect, ponder, deliberate, contemplate, meditate.

Other synonyms:

bid, blockbusting, come up with, closing, balloon mortgage, conceive, conceptualize, building society, applicant, bidder, bridge loan, application form, biodata. apply, appraisal, hit on. price. application, chain. analyze
enumerate, multiply.
calibrate, gauge.
valuate, take the measure of.
Other relevant words:
biodata, take the measure of, size up, blockbusting, assay, application, appraisal, price, chain, valuate, conceive.

Usage examples for appraise

  1. They seemed to appraise him as if he were something choice on exhibition at a fair. – The Wrong Twin by Harry Leon Wilson