Synonyms for Occupancy:


adoption, application, implementation, wear, use, consumption, usage, operation, exploitation. incumbency, place, tenure. act (noun)
occupancy (noun)
taking possession, tenancy, occupation, moving in.
possession (noun)
presence (noun)
inhabitation, residence, being, presence, existence.
residence of place (noun)
tenancy, tenure, deed, use, occupation, title, Inhabitance, ownership.
tenure (noun)
tenancy, incumbency.

Other synonyms:

incumbency. tenure. Other relevant words:
tenure, application, usage, title, moving in, consumption, occupation, Inhabitance, ownership, deed, wear, implementation, taking possession, adoption, incumbency, operation, use, place, tenancy, exploitation.

Usage examples for occupancy

  1. It was not until they had explored the basement and found it utterly without signs of human occupancy that the truth of the situation began to dawn upon them. – Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3 by Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds
  2. Luckily, the slight, temporary structure bore no deep traces of its previous occupancy to disturb him with its memories, and for the same reason it gained in cleanliness and freshness. – Openings in the Old Trail by Bret Harte
  3. In the early part of our history various plans were tried by which to secure the occupancy and development of the agricultural lands by farmers, until in 1862 the first Homestead Act was passed by Congress. – Community Civics and Rural Life by Arthur W. Dunn