Synonyms for Mission:


article of faith, angelic, angel, absolution, blasphemy, blessing, blaspheme, bless, archangel, blasphemous. incursion, campaign, battle, assault, struggle, pitched battle, politics, war, combat, skirmish. role, work, way, errand, object. booster, astronaut, calling, Cape Canaveral, blast off, cosmonaut, capsule, desire, apollo, communications satellite, aerospace. army, clinic, class, coalition, body, consortium, corps, board, cabal. baby, Child Labor, cover, day job, chore, dead-end job, desk job, busywork, consultancy. city hall, civic centre, consulate, chancellery, office, office block, guildhall, courthouse. act (noun)
commission, charge.
assignment (noun)
commission (noun)
delegation, embassy, consignment, deputation, agency, proxy.
concern (noun)
contingent (noun)
delegation (noun)
delegation, committee, deputation, embassy, consignment, proxy, lieutenancy, subcommittee, commission, organization, agency.
duty (noun)
mission (noun)
military mission, missionary post, purpose, pursuit, sortie, work, profession, deputation, vocation, object, aim, goal, undertaking, calling, quest, commission, objective, charge, delegation, office, foreign mission, missionary station, missionary work, delegacy, errand.
purpose (noun)
sortie, purpose.
pursuit (noun)
lodestar, aspiration, search, aim, target, profession, undertaking, life work, intention, quest, destination, goal, vocation, objective, ambition, pursuit.
vocation (noun)
occupation, calling.

Other synonyms:

courthouse, sortie, war, incursion, office block, civic centre, battle, consulate, campaign, skirmish, pitched battle, assault, combat. city hall, errand, chancellery. office. aim
Other relevant words:
charge, coalition, angel, corps, assault, clinic, cosmonaut, way, work, aerospace, blasphemous, role, body, blessing, calling, class, blasphemy, military mission, cabal, skirmish, incursion, blaspheme, missionary station, combat, delegacy, foreign mission, occupation, war, desire, guildhall, office, angelic, errand, campaign, booster, consortium, struggle, sortie, busywork, consultancy, purpose, courthouse, army, politics, battle, capsule, object, bless, astronaut, archangel, consulate, baby, missionary post, missionary work, apollo, chore, cover, absolution, board, chancellery.

Usage examples for mission

  1. All day we became more certain that our guess as to our probable mission was correct. – Average Americans by Theodore Roosevelt
  2. It is about two miles from the Mission – The Old Franciscan Missions Of California by George Wharton James
  3. It seemed but a second ere it passed into the Mission and was lost to sight. – The Valley of the Kings by Marmaduke Pickthall