Synonyms for Need:


element, essence, priority, concern, core, staple, key, basis, burning issue/question, feature. depend on, desideratum, call, cry out for, necessary, rely on, could do with something. Exigence. precondition, condition, prerequisite. over. imperative, burden, duty, responsibility, charge, commitment. pennilessness, penuriousness, destitution, impecuniousness, poverty, rich, Impecuniosity. absence (noun)
condition (noun)
desire (noun)
fondness, greed, eagerness, lust, hunger, Ardency, desire, amorousness, acquisitiveness, yearning, thirst, hope, wish, craving, urge, passion, itch, expectation, longing, covetousness.
emergency; pressing lack (noun)
deficiency, necessity.
incompleteness (noun)
gap, segmental, sectional, lack, hiatus, incompleteness, fraction, shortcoming, deficiency, shortfall, curtailment, shortage, omission, discontinuity, deficit, insufficiency, scantiness, part, fragmentation.
necessary (noun)
of necessity, vital, at all costs, indispensable, without fail, compulsory, obligatory, basic.
object (noun)
obligation (noun)
necessity, obligation, compulsion, mandate, requirement, inexorability, must, constraint.
poverty (noun)
indigence, insufficiency, penury, impecuniousness, inadequacy, shortage, pennilessness, destitution, want, lack.
requirement (noun)
state (noun)
want, requirement (noun)
demand, charge, duty, must, obligation, longing, wish, ought, compulsion, commitment, desideratum.


consumption (verb)
require, want.
desire (verb)
fancy, covet, hanker, pine, want, long, yearn, welcome, expect, crave, grasp.
hunger (verb)
desire, hunger, covet, crave, lust, thirst, want.
lack (verb)
default, miss.
oblige (verb)
necessitate, oblige, accommodate, favor, require, demand, indulge, constrain.
want something (verb)
thirst, covet, yearn, long, crave, lust, pine, necessitate, call for, miss, require, hunger, hanker, desire.

Other synonyms:

precondition, cry out for, penuriousness, Impecuniosity, impecuniousness, pennilessness. prerequisite, Exigence. commitment, imperative. duty, responsibility. depend on. burden. condition. call for

Usage examples for need

  1. They didn't seem to need me. – His Family by Ernest Poole
  2. There is nothing I need to do about it. – Oneness by James H. Schmitz
  3. We need to do this. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various