Synonyms for Birth:


arrival, rank, background, appearance, extraction, starting point. accouchement, beginnings, bourgeois, class-conscious, lying-in, the bourgeoisie, labor, class, classless, childbearing, classism, travail, beneath. precede, genealogy, seed. nobility, noblesse, over, blue blood. opening, onset, outset. bring forth, rich. becoming alive (noun)
delivery, childbirth, nascency, travail, nativity, labor, childbearing, beginning, parturition, creation, birthing.
beginning (noun)
emergence, nascency, preparation, creation, origin, onset, genesis, introduction, conception, cradle, start, prelude, precursor, stem, earliness, embryo, sprout, nativity, source, derivation, dawn, opening, inception, beginning, inauguration, spring, commencement, outset, babyhood, hatching, infancy.
birth (noun)
have, give birth, nascency, parturition, nativity, nascence, deliver, bear, parentage, giving birth, birthing.
bring forth (noun)
have a child, bear a child, produceproduce.
childbirth (noun)
delivery, parturition.
heritage (noun)
derivation, parentage, extraction, background, genealogy, rank.
nobility (noun)


begin (verb)
hatch, create, induct, commence, develop, introduce, conceive, bud, initiate, undertake, embark, germinate, originate, inaugurate, emerge, begin, prepare, form, initialize.
body (verb)
deliver, give birth, have, bear.

Other synonyms:

blue blood, accouchement, baby blues, anti-choice, beneath, amniocentesis, classless, amniotic fluid, class-conscious, childbearing, the bourgeoisie, classism, antenatal, lying-in, the afterbirth, bourgeois. delivery, class, noblesse, extraction, outset. genealogy, opening, travail, arrive. nobility, onset. background. seed. childbirth
Other relevant words:
childbearing, labor, class-conscious, parentage, class, amniocentesis, bear, accouchement, nascence, giving birth, deliver, extraction, beneath, antenatal, starting point, arrive, parturition, blue blood, opening, nobility, rank, bourgeois, delivery, bring forth, background, onset, lying-in, arrival, appearance, seed, outset, noblesse, childbirth, anti-choice, birthing, give birth, beginnings, have, genealogy, travail.

Usage examples for birth

  1. After all, the question of Archie's birth the one secret between them- need not come up. – The Tides of Barnegat by F. Hopkinson Smith
  2. To go out at pleasure, to walk, to ride, to drive, with no one to say us nay or question our right to liberty, this is indeed like a birth into a new world of happiness and freedom. – Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  3. She is first at its birth the last to stay weeping at its death. – The Delicious Vice by Young E. Allison