Synonyms for Entree:


permission, public interest, voice, priority, concession, right, in. appetiser, dish, course, cheeseboard, antipasto, accompaniment, aperitif, crudites, dessert, food. salad, vegetable, tidbit, savory, appetizer, side dish, delicatessen. admittance (noun)
entrance, in, access, entry.
entree (noun)
entrance, main course, entryway, entranceway, access, entry, admittance.
food (noun)
dish, main course.

Other synonyms:

cheeseboard, appetizer, appetiser, dessert, crudites, course. accompaniment. dish
side dish.
Other relevant words:
crudites, dish, food, dessert, access, appetizer, course, in, side dish.

Usage examples for entree

  1. However good any entree may be, it seems bad unless enriched by truffles. – The Physiology of Taste by Brillat Savarin