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imaginativeness - 15 results
Examples of usage:

In his exuberant vitality, in his sensuous love of music and the other arts, in his combined imaginativeness and shrewdness of common sense, in his superficial expansiveness and actual reticence, he would have been typical enough of the potent and artistic race for whom he has so often of late been claimed. - "Life of Robert Browning", William Sharp.

Every dramatic subject must be presented with the probable human experience, the ethical ideas, and the imaginativeness of the public in mind. - "Dramatic Technique", George Pierce Baker.

And if I spoke of it at all, I spoke only of hysteria and auto- suggestion and French imaginativeness, and the rest of the nonsense. - "Lourdes", Robert Hugh Benson.

Similar words:

imaginatively, Imaginations, imaginative, imagination, imagination image.

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