Synonyms for Dangle:


entice, persuade, spur, prod, prevail on, convince, dissuade, motivate, urge on, encourage. depend, cascade, sling, hang out, suspend, string. dangle (noun)
swing, drop.
droop (noun)


hang (verb)
droop, swing, drape, trail, nod, Draggle, sway, hang, sag, loll, bob.
stative (verb)
swing, drop.
suspend (verb)
droop, depend, entice, sling, trail, swing, sway, hang.

Other synonyms:

hang out. suspend. sling, depend. cascade. string. Other relevant words:
string, motivate, sling, persuade, entice, suspend, convince, hang out, spur, cascade, prod, depend, encourage, drop.

Usage examples for dangle

  1. I am lost again in all the goodnature from which small boys, on wild evenings, could dangle so unchidden- since the state of unchiddenness is what comes back to me well- nigh clearest. – A Small Boy and Others by Henry James