Synonyms for Truthful:


accurate, honest (adjective)
factual, true, veracious, real, sincere, trustworthy, realistic, frank, candid, just, straightforward.
all (adjective)
correct (adjective)
just, accurate.
reliable (adjective)
reputable (adjective)
truthful (adjective)
earnest, candid, sincere, straightforward, honorable, factual, ethical, honest, frank, trustworthy.
veracious (adjective)
veridical (adjective)


autobiographical, abridged, folklore, gory, fictitious, classic, biographical, fictional, epic, filmic. avowed, arguable, ringing, unbalanced, pithy, declared, bald, official, disputed, veridical. naturalistic, principled, irreproachable, upstanding, lifelike, decent, true-life, fine, real, natural, good, realistic. truthful (noun)
true, veracious, honest, so.

Other synonyms:

arguable, ringing, lifelike. realistic. official. fine. natural. good. Other relevant words:
avowed, official, ringing, natural, veracious, classic, filmic, realistic, declared, gory, fictional, true, real, folklore, veridical, biographical, arguable, pithy, accurate, fine, so, principled, epic, true-life, autobiographical, upstanding, disputed, bald, decent, naturalistic, irreproachable, lifelike, good, abridged, fictitious, unbalanced, just.

Usage examples for truthful

  1. What he thought and felt and suffered are things quite dead; what he did- namely, to go and do the immediate thing that it seemed possible and right for him to do- is a living fact to- day, for it brought him, as all brave and honest doing will, a little nearer to his destiny, a little nearer to the truthful realisation of what was in him. – Christopher Columbus, Complete by Filson Young
  2. I was once a truthful woman." – Love of Brothers by Katharine Tynan
  3. And truthful and helpful, too. – The Passing of Ku Sui by Anthony Gilmore