Synonyms for House:


apartment, feed, take in, ply with, apartment house, accommodate, nourish, cater, serve, lay on. contents, organization, business, fit, harbor, corporation, partnership, hold, contain, catch, have, include. bebop, bluegrass, parliament, council, congress, background music, legislature, backing, blues, acid house, bhangra, ambient, acid jazz, backup. apartment building, adobe, excite, create enthusiasm, bunkhouse, boarding house, please, chalet. aisle, auditorium, dig, box office, balcony, protection, apron, backstage, backdrop, backcloth, box. archduke, aristocrat, countess, count, baronetcy, group, aristocracy, baronet, baroness, baron, consort. enterprise, moviegoer, company, establishment, mosh pit, floor, outfit, concern, captive audience, audience, full house, the gate, concertgoer. bar, canteen, stock, cafeteria, lineage, carryout, clan, brasserie, buffet, cafe, bistro, cabaret, kindred, chinese, tribe. goth, collection, haute couture, fashionista, couturier, fashion show, catwalk, fashion house, fashion. commune, colony, coterie, community, the Brady Bunch. great, The, court. extrinsic, extramural, institutional, under the banner of something, on the inside, fringe, internal, inner. blood relative (noun)
business (noun)
business concern (noun)
business establishment (noun)
concern, firm, partnership, company, outfit, corporation, organization.
family, ancestry (noun)
household, clan, lineage, tribe, stock, kindred, menage, line.
government body, sometimes elected, responsible for laws (noun)
congress, legislature, parliament, council.
house (noun)
domicile, castle, star sign, sign, domiciliate, bungalow, business firm, firm, mansion, put up, sign of the zodiac, menage, abode, hacienda, planetary house, lodging, quarters, chateau, Casa, cabin, residence, theatre, villa, homestead, condominium, cottage, household, habitation, home, dwelling, theater.
human habitat (noun)
castle, habitation, apartment, condominium, residence, domicile, home, box, mansion, abode, dwelling, roost, homestead.


occupy (verb)
billet, dwell, squat, roost, quarter, stay, colonize, occupy, lodge, inhabit, reside.

Other synonyms:

extrinsic, mosh pit, captive audience, fashionista, coterie, feed, institutional, lay on, concertgoer, full house, moviegoer, clan, fashion show, nourish, fashion house, cater, the Brady Bunch, couturier, audience. commune, The, box office, corporation, extramural, contain, take in, serve, catwalk, catch, kindred, tribe. business, accommodate, harbor, stock, organization, fashion, lineage, goth. enterprise, colony, floor, outfit, inner, establishment, hold, fit. internal. community, fringe, collection. company. court. great. law-makers
put up.
domiciliate, quarter.

Usage examples for house

  1. The house is your own. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. You have got more money in the house – Do and Dare A Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune by Horatio Alger, Jr.
  3. She's well, too, boy, and in the house – The Lighthouse by Robert Ballantyne