Synonyms for Quarters:


apartment building, bunkhouse, billet, adobe, boarding house, chalet. fractions (noun)
fragments, parts, Halves, fractions, sections, portions, denominators, chunks, thirds, pieces, slices, numerators, segments.
house (noun)
cabin, domicile, Casa, house, castle, dwelling, condominium, home, lodging, bungalow, villa, residence, abode, homestead, chateau, mansion, hacienda, habitation, cottage.
houses (noun)
Villas, abodes, bungalows, habitations, lodgings, homes, cabins, dwellings, castles, haciendas, condominiums, Domiciles, mansions, cottages, homesteads, residences, Houses, chateaux.
lodgings (noun)
housing, room, tent, lodge, accommodations, rooms, apartment, trailer, barracks.
place to live or sleep (noun)
billet, tent, habitation, lodging, residence, dwelling, domicile, house, home, barracks, cottage, apartment, lodge, room, cabin, abode.
quarters (noun)
Areas, zones, Locales, living quarters, districts, regions.
regions (noun)
Municipalities, Cities, Colonies, localities, dukedoms, Territories, boroughs, plots, circuits, commonweals, states, empires, cantons, kingdoms, places, realms, Shires, towns, precincts, fields, Countries, bailiwicks, tracts, provinces, Counties, parcels, lots, Neighborhoods, domains, ridings, beats, earldoms, nations, divisions, sectors, Duchies.
rooms (noun)


occupies (verb)
occupies, resides, colonizes, inhabits, dwells, roosts, stays, lodges, squats, billets.
quarters (verb)

Other synonyms:

room. encampment
Other relevant words:
billet, trailer, room, barracks, living quarters, bunkhouse, apartment, accommodations, housing, chalet, lodge, rooms, tent, adobe.

Usage examples for quarters

  1. I've got stuff in my quarters – Legacy by James H Schmitz
  2. And he said as much to her when he first saw her in her new quarters – Between Whiles by Helen Hunt Jackson
  3. Gone into winter quarters – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)