Synonyms for Casts:


representations (noun)
imitations, mock-ups, carvings, figurines, illustrations, representations, busts, approximations, Metaphors, drawings, photographs, likenesses, portrayals, images, impressions, Copies, outlines, renderings, replicas, models, statues, miniatures, depictions, snapshots, pictures, duplications, Facsimiles, Analogies, Effigies, Cartoons, idols, pastiches, silhouettes.
sculptures (noun)
bas-reliefs, figures, mannequins, Cameos, sculptures, bronzes.


attributes (verb)
imputes, accredits, ascribes, places, assigns, attributes, blames, brands, refers, attaches, connects, acknowledges, credits, applies, sets, marks, cites.
categorizes (verb)
labels, designates, stamps, assorts.
orders (verb)
unifies, maintains, plans, sorts, frames, schematizes, stabilizes, Programs, pigeonholes, sifts, stratifies, shapes, Forms, plots, balances, classifies, screens, integrates, devises, normalizes, orchestrates, rationalizes, supports, prepares, mediates, Classes, arranges, separates, grades, structures, Marshals, types, organizes, rates, composes, regulates, establishes, settles, subordinates, categorizes, systematizes, arrays, controls, collates, harmonizes, methodizes, adjusts, orders, charts, ranks, fixes, Schedules, designs, Rights, groups, unsnarls, schemes, scores.
propels (verb)
butts, prods, tosses, compels, flicks, throws, impels, shoves, rams, projects, thrusts, goads, pelts, cants, fires, hurls, launches, catapults, bunts, lobs, propels, chucks, bowls, precipitates, flings, shunts, Drives, heaves, pitches, slings, pushes.
represents (verb)
renders, imitates, approximates, Apes, represents, duplicates, illustrates, replicates, depicts, portrays, simulates.
sculpts (verb)
carves, sculpts, molds.

Usage examples for casts

  1. Then she casts behind her her handkerchief. – The Book of Were-Wolves by Sabine Baring-Gould
  2. The radioactive atom in sinking to a lower atomic weight casts out with enormous velocity an atom of helium. – The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays by J. (John) Joly
  3. Her manner of living and thinking and feeling in the moment is thus revealed in a wide sweep, and at last the process is complete; her case is set free, stands out, and casts its shadow. – The Craft of Fiction by Percy Lubbock