Synonyms for Visit:


cure, diagnose, evening, doctor, interview, stay, confine, formal call, appointment, holiday, commit, bedside manner, caseload, certify, vacation, admit, visitation, talk. drop in, look-in, look up, come over, run-in, stop, drop by, come by, pop in, go around, call on, pay someone/something a visit/call, swing by, seek. coffee klatch, event, company, DO, fringe, competition, blind date, place, lodge, black tie, dinner party. download, facebook, hook up, host, maintain, discourse, flame, speak, browse, dial-up, words, converse, bookmark. give, circuit, round, play, conducted tour, courtesy call, willing, open house, flying visit, wreak, whistle-stop tour, over. engage someone in conversation, catch up, pass the time of day (with someone), get into conversation (with someone), rap, fall into conversation. social call upon another (noun)
holiday, stay, appointment, evening, visitation, interview, stop, call, talk, vacation.
visit (noun)
chitchat, bring down, chat, travel to, confab, chatter, chaffer, confabulate, natter, call-in, inspect, jaw, claver, inflict, impose, gossip, call.


be a guest of (verb)
swing by, drop by, chat, pop in, drop in, come by, call on, look up, inspect, play, converse.
bother, haunt (verb)
inflict, impose, wreak.

Other synonyms:

swing by, call on, courtesy call, conducted tour, look up, wreak, look-in, flying visit, whistle-stop tour. speak, circuit, stay. open house, lodge, go around, visitation. company, converse. discourse, talk. DO. stop. play, round. arrive
pop in.
call, drop in.
call in
come by
come over, drop by.
Other relevant words:
seek, come by, pop in, play, look up, evening, discourse, company, call, speak, holiday, admit, wreak, interview, call on, circuit, vacation, lodge, DO, converse, talk, drop by, swing by, appointment, visitation, stay, come over, drop in, stop, look-in.

Usage examples for visit

  1. I hope you young gentlemen will feel free to stop and visit us when you come through our town. – At Good Old Siwash by George Fitch
  2. " Who d'you visit with? – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach
  3. " That is my case also," said Ethel, " but we will hope for many a good visit from the dear ones we must part from for a time when we go." – Mildred's New Daughter by Martha Finley