Synonyms for Agents:


agents (noun)
actors, operatives, factors, Intermediaries, Impresarios, ombudsmen, Vehicles, mediators, executors, liaisons, Agencies, instruments.
assistants (noun)
Flunkies, employees, Auxiliaries, aides-de-camp, chaperones, laborers, aides, partners, acolytes, abettors, benefactors, underlings, patsies, menials, helpers, seconds, accomplices, lieutenants, backers, Proxies, henchmen, servants, Functionaries, stooges, Extras, Accessories, helpmates, ancillaries, adjuncts, attendants, hirelings, followers, Attorneys, assistants, juniors, minions, associates, subordinates, Deputies.
consignees (noun)
go-betweens, Acceptors, delegates, brokers, receivers, messengers, Trustees, envoys, addressees, ambassadors, nominees, appointees, Middlemen, licensees, representatives, consignees, assignees, attaches.
deputies (noun)
Emissaries, stand-ins, Spokesmen, surrogates, figureheads, tokens, backups, substitutes, arms, ghosts, spokeswomen, alternates, mouthpieces, Dummies, understudies, doubles.
fasteners (noun)
cinctures, cleats, media, tacks, fasteners, bindings, links, vises, bolts, locks, brackets, guys, Buttons, hasps, clamps, buckles, fuses, splices, braids, couplings, strings, bonds, spikes, knots, nails, ties, grapnels, stays, cements, straps, rabbets, cotters, zippers, hawsers, laces, skewers, connectors, cinches, clinches, closures, Ligaments, Sutures, pins, clasps, latches, stitches, belts, staples, Vinculums, rivets, welds, Clips, twines, seals, chains, brads, bands, snaps, Glues, hitches, hinges, braces, hooks, catches, anchors, threads, binders, fastenings.
merchants (noun)
Vendors, businessmen, mongers, dealers, sellers, businesswomen, marketers, retailers, salespeople, importers, salesclerks, storekeepers, wholesalers, exporters, Salesmen, traders, shopkeepers, merchants, Saleswomen, caterers, floorwalkers, businesspeople, suppliers, distributors, jobbers.
servants (noun)
serfs, hands, subjects, helps, volunteers, helping hands, vassals, workers, chattels, Slaves, aids, pawns, peons.

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Usage examples for agents

  1. The agents of the Central Committee to assist in this and report to the Union through the principal agent. – The Government of England (Vol. I) by A. Lawrence Lowell
  2. But the French commercial and diplomatic agents were very desirous that she might go free, on account of her French license; and perhaps the Emperor, in consideration of his ally, might so determine. – Memoir of the Life of John Quincy Adams. by Josiah Quincy
  3. Letters sent to this country, and advertised by agents as a guarantee of advantages, written by persons soon after arrival in California, and who have not compared the place of their location with other places, can scarcely be a sufficient recommendation. – A start in life by C. F. Dowsett