Synonyms for Enclosure:


air letter, court, cover letter, park, Dear John letter, walk, place, compound, bowl, acknowledgment, sty, dead letter, crawl, pound, coliseum, patch, hutch, garden, pale, stockade, kennel, billet doux, dungeon, building, den, yard, vault, coop, quadrangle, asylum, paddock, cloister, run, plot, close, chain letter, answer, fold, stadium. questionnaire, conservation area, copy, conservancy, money, acreage, circular, check, claim, information, belt, dry land, corridor. atrium, quad. area (noun)
precinct, turf.
enclosure (noun)
prison, trap, fence, envelopment, paddock, barrier, confinement, cell, enclosing, natural enclosure, cage, jail, inclosure.
something included with a letter (noun)
circular, copy, information, money, questionnaire, check.

Other synonyms:

atrium, belt, court, air letter, park, billet doux, conservancy, dry land, answer, Dear John letter, quad, dead letter, cover letter, corridor, chain letter, acreage. plot, yard. claim, quadrangle, fold. acknowledgment. barrier
dog house
vegetable patch

Usage examples for enclosure

  1. This inner enclosure had on its northern and southern sides three gates at intervals from each other. – The Makers and Teachers of Judaism by Charles Foster Kent