Synonyms for Housing:


top (adjective)


apartment building, billet, chalet, bungalow, apartment, bunkhouse, cabin, chateau, boarding house, adobe. health care, Meals on Wheels, eldercare, agency, caring profession, Health Service, block grant, case work, shelter, community care, protection. domesticity, household, under someone's roof, domestic, domiciliary. artifact (noun)
living accommodations, lodging.
habitation (noun)
domicile, abode, installation, digs, Sheltering, roof, house-building program, quarters, stopping place, accommodations, shelter, cantonment, protection, headquarters, house, problem of providing houses, home, home construction, covering.
housing (noun)
housings, living accommodations, trapping, lodging, trappings, caparison.
occupancy (noun)
habitation, inhabitation, residence, occupation, tenancy, colonization.
place of accommodation (noun)
habitation, home, shelter, residence, dwelling, stopping place, roof, Sheltering, house, digs.
quarters (noun)
top (noun)


occupying (verb)
Occupying, Inhabiting, Residing, dwelling, Roosting, Billeting, lodging, Colonizing, squatting, Staying, quartering.

Other synonyms:

domiciliary, Health Service, caring profession, health care, domesticity, community care, eldercare, case work, Meals on Wheels, block grant. household, shelter. agency. domestic. lodgings
Other relevant words:
eldercare, caparison, domicile, housings, roof, domestic, living accommodations, home, headquarters, covering, household, trapping, protection, Sheltering, apartment, digs, accommodations, trappings, domiciliary, shelter, abode, house, quarters, domesticity.

Usage examples for housing

  1. With that Obed turned a button that none of them had thus far noticed, fastened on the wall Immediately a section slipped down exposing a cavity beyond that proved to be a regular sleeping bunk, fully capable of " housing any ordinary person. – At Whispering Pine Lodge by Lawrence J. Leslie
  2. Thousands of mothers die every week from poor housing you could stop that if you would. – In the Heart of a Fool by William Allen White
  3. Another example of a medical man's housing the sick, is that of a surgeon promised 2, 000 pounds of tobacco and " cask" if he cured the blindness of a person he had housed- but only modest compensation if he failed. – Medicine in Virginia, 1607-1699 by Thomas P. Hughes