Synonyms for Stays:


dismissals (noun)
concessions, releases, permissions, Licenses, Liberties, pardons, waivers, excuses, dismissals, amnesties, Freedoms, privileges, exemptions, reprieves, absolutions, exceptions, dispensations, Immunities, discharges.
fasteners (noun)
belts, rivets, catches, clamps, spikes, closures, go-betweens, Vinculums, nails, splices, welds, couplings, Middlemen, fuses, vises, Ligaments, agents, binders, seals, bonds, bindings, chains, grapnels, bands, snaps, clasps, fasteners, hitches, hasps, brackets, mediators, media, fastenings, braids, connectors, hooks, clinches, zippers, locks, twines, stitches, Glues, threads, cleats, cinches, anchors, rabbets, guys, brads, skewers, pins, laces, links, tacks, cements, cotters, hawsers, latches, Buttons, Clips, ties, staples, buckles, cinctures, Sutures, hinges, knots, bolts, strings, straps, braces.
girdle (noun)
hindrances (noun)
barriers, blockades, obstacles, Frustrations, interruptions, obstructions, entrapments, disadvantages, stoppages, blockages, drawbacks, entanglements, deterrents, oppositions, impasses, dampers, cul-de-sacs, restrictions, encumbrances, complications, constraints, impediments, restraints, hindrances, hurdles, Inhibitions.
interruptions (noun)
breaks, Hiatuses, recesses, interludes, intervals, postponements, Suspensions.
stays (noun)
girdle, panty girdle, corset.


dismisses (verb)
excepts, relieves, Permits, liberates, dispels, absolves, frees, exempts, dismisses.
fastens (verb)
fastens, binds, zips, plaits, Couples, weaves, Pastes, connects, tethers, bastes, lashes, Knits, sews.
hinders (verb)
deters, brakes, snarls, checks, cripples, crimps, counters, complicates, clogs, bottlenecks, detains, hamstrings, baffles, congests, interrupts, drags, fetters, entraps, resists, entangles, impairs, Delays, bars, paralyzes, fouls, plugs, burdens, restricts, constrains, Cramps, thwarts, restrains, dams, jams, handicaps, blocks, bungs, chokes, hampers, impedes, mires, snags, curbs, inhibits, opposes, stops, frustrates, obstructs, tangles, hinders, encumbers, constipates.
interrupts (verb)
suspends, postpones.
occupies (verb)
billets, squats, Houses, inhabits, dwells, roosts, colonizes, lodges, occupies, resides, quarters.
perseveres (verb)
endures, abides, perseveres, persists, lasts, survives, continues.
remains (verb)
tarries, prevails, lingers, remains.
rests (verb)
settles, Rests, subsides, stills, quiets, Waits, pauses, stands, calms, settles down, slumbers, sleeps, becalms, tranquilizes, stagnates, fixes, vegetates, marks time.
stops (verb)
holds, ends, ceases, freezes, halts, terminates.

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Other relevant words:
girdle, panty girdle, corset.

Usage examples for stays

  1. She stays by herself mostly, ever since she cut loose from the Gang. – Peggy by Laura E. Richards
  2. It just stays in the door. – Six Little Bunkers at Cousin Tom's by Laura Lee Hope
  3. A tear fell upon one of the flowers of the stays – The Crisis, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 6, 2009