Synonyms for Canteen:


basin, butt, restaurant, ampoule, kitchen, can, aerosol, commissary, bucket, dining-room, bath, snack bar, barrel, atomizer. carryout, cabaret, jug, brasserie, cafe, chinese, bistro, cafeteria, container, bar, buffet. bone china, cutlery, china, dishes, crockery, dinner service, crocks, earthenware. bottle (noun)
decanter, Flacon, carafe, bottle, gourd, jar, cruet, thermos, phial, flagon, vial, carboy, flask.
canteen (noun)
mobile canteen.
container for liquids, used in travels (noun)
flask, bottle, Flacon, jug, thermos.
portable kitchen (noun)
snack bar.
receptacle (noun)

Other synonyms:

cafeteria, carryout, bone china, bistro, dinner service, earthenware, cafe, snack bar, kitchen, crockery, dining-room, brasserie, cutlery. buffet, bar, commissary, cabaret, china. chinese. crock
eating place
Other relevant words:
buffet, jug, restaurant, butt, container, bucket, barrel, cafeteria, basin, cutlery, can, carryout, kitchen, bistro, earthenware, mobile canteen, bar, cabaret, cafe, brasserie, snack bar, commissary.

Usage examples for canteen

  1. Such a scene in the canteen before roll- call! – Servants of the Guns by Jeffery E. Jeffery
  2. He fought and cursed them, and cried like a baby because he couldn't hold the canteen in his own hands. – I Married a Ranger by Dama Margaret Smith