Synonyms for Internal:


domestic (adjective)
home, intramural.
intuitive (adjective)
inward (adjective)
heart, intrinsic, inland, visceral, interior, inward, subjective, core, intestinal, inner, central.
private (adjective)
within (adjective)
constitutional, domestic, visceral, interior, inward, national, intrinsic, gut, intramural, home, enclosed, subjective, intimate, private, inner.


american, African-Caribbean, asiatic, australian, asian, arab, african, Arabism, afghan. indoors, edge, inlying, Into, within. internal (noun)
inner, internecine, interior, intragroup, domestic, intrinsical, national, intrinsic, intramural, inward, in, intimate, home.

Other synonyms:

institutional, inlying, indoors. within. fringe, Into. house.

Usage examples for internal

  1. The internal condition of the country was now the point for seriously- minded Englishmen. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. Another result of the wars of France and Spain was the frequent internal quarrels at Malta. – Knights of Malta, 1523-1798 by R. Cohen