Synonyms for Tribe:


array, constellation, ethnic group, association, Deme, class, totemic unit, crush, age group, sorory, sib, busload, horde. clansman, dependent, stock, flesh and blood, blood relation, eldest, elder, black sheep, charge, kith and kin, the elder, clanswoman, lineage, house. nuclear family, unit, dynasty, patriarchy, One Parent Family, a broken home, Single Parent Family. the Brady Bunch, household, commune. association (noun)
bunch, troupe, fraternity, crew, band, club, coalition, circle, fellowship, gang, ring, mob, union, league, clique, outfit, crowd, company.
blood relative (noun)
kindred, kin.
clan (noun)
crush, sect, set, group, coterie, faction.
crew (noun)
crew, fraternity, bunch, colony, team, division, regiment, assembly, bevy, nest, army, fellowship, band, force, covey, school, outfit, litter, staff, body, brigade, sect, flock, battalion, faction, ring, cadre, company, set, fleet, gang, clan, coalition, troop, complement, party, pack, circle, junta, league, troupe, clique, society, wing, cell, crowd, union, retinue, detail, drove, group, mob, host, squad, detachment, assemblage, caucus, platoon, string, club, coterie, cabal, aggregation, herd, hive, phalanx, collection, posse.
folk (noun)
ethnic group.
gang (noun)
herd, party, pack, troop, team, posse, assemblage, squad.
group (noun)
tribe (noun)
clan, class, horde, dynasty, house, kin group, kinship group, stock, division, society, kin, lineage, association, federation of tribes, kindred, folk.

Other synonyms:

Single Parent Family, One Parent Family, nuclear family. patriarchy, class. stock, lineage, dynasty. house. unit.

Usage examples for tribe

  1. Few of the tribe of the stranger had ever seen a white man. – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield
  2. Going back to your Indian tribe – The Thunder Bird by B. M. Bower
  3. But it was only to screen Roger, and not to content me, that Sir James Courtenaye allowed my original plan to be carried out: the heirlooms to be mysteriously returned by night to the Abbey, and the Barlow tribe to vanish into space, otherwise Australia. – The Brightener by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson