Synonyms for Species:


dog, mixture, character, original, product, individual, Jekyll And Hyde. group, manner, nature, generic, subspecies, description, lot, cast. categories (noun)
Families, grades, Taxonomies, Strains, breeds, Styles, levels, molds, Genotypes, sorts, Forms, Castes, LINEs, Phyla, stamps, Classifications, Classes, designations, clans, steps, types, persuasions, Categories, stripes, degrees, feathers, denominations, peoples, kingdoms, ranks, orders, Grains, labels, sets, Varieties, Genera, kinds, Races, brands, stocks.
category (noun)
brand, people, feather, kind, breed, set, classification, grade, line, step, denomination, kingdom, label, series, stock, genus, stripe, style, mold, rank, strain, stamp, taxonomy, persuasion, make, class, Family, form, phylum, type, genotype, variety, level, race, designation, category, sort, grain, caste, clan, degree, ilk, order.
class, variety (noun)
group, kind, lot, sort, breed, description, type, order, nature, category, stripe.
ethnic group (noun)
mankind (noun)
human beings, culture, citizenry, society, man, humanity, human race, community, populace, folk, commonwealth, humankind, public, mankind.
social class (noun)

Other synonyms:

Jekyll And Hyde, subspecies. generic, mixture. individual, original. description, product. character. lot, manner, dog. kind
Other relevant words:
generic, cast, product, dog, nature, lot, mixture, description, group, subspecies, character, manner.

Usage examples for species

  1. The species and seasons are as on White Head Grounds. – Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Maine by Walter H. Rich
  2. I mean to drink them both to your health- to a man who does honor to the species – The Country Doctor by Honore de Balzac
  3. The Gallipoli flies were having the time of the life- history of their species – The Irish at the Front by Michael MacDonagh