Synonyms for Turf:


Earth (noun)
mud, dust, grass, dry land, clod, lawn, dirt, peat, alluvium, clay, loam.
claim, border, dry land, belt, acreage, conservation area, conservancy, corridor. the bench, court, baseline, crease, bleachers, district, alley, territory, Astroturf, the box, country, bowl, terrain. mud, dust, grit, earth, dirt, clay, clod, loam, alluvium. biogas, coal-fired, energy, capacity, fuel, gas, burn, biofuel, fossil fuel, biomass. wax, board over, paper, ice, plate, tile, cement, varnish, plaster, carpet. Downs, meadow, moorland, moor, lea, green, heath, paddock, grassland. flat racing, the horses, going, furlong, handicap, horseflesh, dressage, flat race, gymkhana, double. area (noun)
precinct, enclosure, belt, field, dominion.
arena (noun)
stage, bailiwick, circuit, hippodrome, circus, region, battlefield, pen, gymnasium, realm, arena, amphitheater, domain, province, campus, battle-ground, dominion, locale, area, colosseum, ring, auditorium, gallery, hall, field, setting, precinct, room, circle, courtyard, theater, enclosure, beat, ground.
community (noun)
district (noun)
domain (noun)
realm, province.
dominion (noun)
environment (noun)
geographical area (noun)
green (noun)
lawn, green, sward.
racetrack (noun)
paddock, hippodrome.
room (noun)
sod (noun)
turf (noun)
terrain, grass, earth, bailiwick, lawn, area, sod, peat, region, ground, domain, territory, sward, greensward.

Other synonyms:

grass, fuel. earth. district, country, terrain. territory.

Usage examples for turf

  1. Manderson lay dead a few steps from me on the turf within the gate, clearly visible to me in the moonlight. – The Woman in Black by Edmund Clerihew Bentley
  2. But Hugh was too weak for that, and after several ineffectual efforts to rise, fell back half fainting on the turf while Rocket took his stand directly over him, a powerful and efficient guard until help from some quarter should arrive. – Bad Hugh by Mary Jane Holmes
  3. This fireplace was covered with turf so that the smoke should not rise up in a column. – Jim Davis by John Masefield