Synonyms for Aspect:


character, features, feature, peculiarity, factor, component, nature. way, alignment, in place, visage, at, express, exposure, direction. surface, Styling, effect, externals, under/in the guise of. auxiliary verb, the conditional, the future, the active, DO, conjugation, the first person, copula, physiognomy, auxiliary. angle, respect, light, regard, hand, frame of reference, phase. appearance (noun)
figure, spectacle, view, display, look, bearing, form, image, show, demeanor, countenance, vista, appearance, mien, cast, shape, air.
aspect (noun)
panorama, scene, vista, prospect, look, face, view, facet, facial expression, expression.
attribute (noun)
cognition (noun)
condition (noun)
element to consider (noun)
phase, angle, feature, situation, prospect, position, direction, scene, regard, vista, view, hand.
perspective (noun)
frame of reference.
phase (noun)
situation (noun)
location, placement, modality, condition, scene, station, situation, quality, site, position, circumstance, environment, formation, post, status, state, configuration, spot, property, standing, style, layout, disposition, arrangement, ambience, mode.
view (noun)
regard, phase, viewpoint, study at.
visible feature (noun)
countenance, air, bearing, form, expression, demeanor, appearance, facet, face, mien, look, condition.

Other synonyms:

frame of reference, character, conjugation, auxiliary verb, peculiarity, nature, component, externals, Styling, the conditional, the active, copula. physiognomy, feature, the first person. angle, direction, alignment, factor, visage. auxiliary, effect. at, respect. hand. surface, way. light, DO. point of view

Usage examples for aspect

  1. He said it did as much harm as good to give a too familiar aspect to religious teaching. – Scenes of Clerical Life by George Eliot
  2. She tried, however, to get up little speeches about the weather, the aspect of the country, etc. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  3. From the practical aspect therefore, I was quite content with the plan to start my voyage from Beavermouth. – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman