Synonyms for Structure:


homage, aesthetic, flavor, effect, legend, draftsmanship, cherub, commission, format. reorganize, house, manage, prioritize, operate, restructure, coordinate, codify. column, articulation, check, coloration, chronology, pile, argyle, arabesque. setup, authority, guild, front, special interest, federation, bureau, club, institution. folly, facility, installation, the built environment, infill, block. artifact (noun)
building (noun)
pile, edifice, house.
construction (noun)
fabrication, formation.
form (noun)
figure, mold, features, appearance, configuration, physique, build.
grammar (noun)
syntax, conjugation, formulation, wording, phraseology, language, predicate, qualifier, grammar, phrase, usage, object, subject.
makeup, form (noun)
framework, anatomy, build, configuration, frame, formation, fabric, order, skeleton, construction, make, format, arrangement, architecture, fabrication, design.
structure (noun)
architecture, construction, makeup, social organization, complex body part, body structure, framework, fabric, anatomical structure, skeleton, Social Organisation, edifice, composition, anatomy, social structure, constitution, building, arrangement, bodily structure, social system.


order (verb)
balance, harmonize, chart, design, place, classify, rate, pigeonhole, grade, fix, plot, scheme, maintain, form, screen, orchestrate, schedule, integrate, control, type, normalize, sift, frame, support, plan, unify, separate, cast, stratify, sort, prepare, score, organize, regulate, systematize, categorize, establish, order, set, program, devise, class, marshal, compose, unsnarl, shape, mediate, right, stabilize, array, arrange, collate, settle, group, schematize, rank, rationalize, adjust, Methodize, subordinate.
structure (verb)
make, constitute, construct.

Other synonyms:

prioritize, guild, reorganize, special interest, restructure, codify. formation, coordinate, federation. bureau, institution. pile, authority, manage. operate. club. front. arrangement
Other relevant words:
check, institution, articulation, facility, bureau, restructure, prioritize, formation, social organization, coordinate, body structure, column, homage, draftsmanship, social structure, operate, setup, fabrication, federation, cherub, chronology, guild, installation, social system, folly, front, house, flavor, codify, manage, format, pile, Social Organisation, aesthetic, authority, club, arabesque, argyle, complex body part, effect, anatomical structure, block, reorganize, infill, bodily structure, coloration, legend, commission.

Usage examples for structure

  1. Although most of the problems were solved long ago, it is not uninteresting to follow these young minds in their search after the laws of structure and growth, dimly perceived at first, but becoming gradually clearer as they go on. – Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence by Louis Agassiz
  2. It was a glorious sight, the perfection of structure in every part astonished me. – Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age, of Mary Somerville by Mary Somerville
  3. We made our way up through the structure containing the dressing rooms and found the proper door without difficulty. – The Film Mystery by Arthur B. Reeve