Synonyms for Wrap:


recover, bury, smother, fur-piece, insulate, light outer garment, top, crown. cheongsam, cocktail dress, swaddle, invest, evening dress, put on, Infold, ballgown, dirndl, formal. bundle up, beefburger, blt, empanada, double-decker, club sandwich, bruschetta, burrito, enchilada, burger, canape. Bottled, blister pack, do up, case, bubble wrap, matchbox, matchbook, package, boxed, carton. show, shroud. artifact (noun)
clothing (noun)
turtle-neck, sweat suit, smoking jacket, bonnet, coat, skirt, brassiere, fedora, shirt, pea coat, beret, windbreaker, apparel, evening gown, pillbox, afghan, trousers, sports coat, pull over, scarf, mackintosh, corset, housecoat, garment, robe, kilt, sweat shirt, parka, garb, ulster, raiment, sari, sarong, greatcoat, raincoat, homburg, shorts, blouse, bowler, tuxedo, gown, habit, pajamas, wrapper, overcoat, shoes, stockings, bathrobe, pyjamas, frock, poncho, trimming, pants, clothes, jumper, stetson, vesture, crinoline, sweater, blue jeans, doublet, duds, jersey, panties, slacks, nightgown, tunic, cape, blazer, chapeau, pinafore, slicker, t-shirt, burnoose, kimono, shawl, smock, boot, dressing gown, footgear, suit, topcoat, fez, camisole, vestment, caftan, fur, chemise, jacket, hat, headdress, ensemble, v neck, petticoat, cloak, clothing, trench coat, halter, dinner jacket.
clothing that is worn over for warmth (noun)
cover, blanket, fur, cloak, coat, shawl, jacket, cape.
covering (noun)
shroud, wrapper.
negligee (noun)
wrap (noun)
wrapping, enclose, twine, roll, envelop, wrap up, wind, wrapper, enfold, enwrap.


clothe (verb)
costume, accouter, dress, attire, clothe, wear, outfit, array.
contact (verb)
wrap up.
cover (verb)
enshroud, envelop, encase, blanket, cover, sheath, overlay, mask, veil.
protect (verb)
surround with a covering (verb)
bundle up, envelop, mask, package, enclose, invest, wind, swaddle, clothe, twine, shroud, encase, enfold, veil.

Other synonyms:

Infold. recover, smother. crown, shroud, package, bury. do up. invest. top. swathe
Other relevant words:
do up, case, crown, swaddle, bundle up, shroud, invest, wrapping, insulate, carton, top, wind, roll, Infold, bury, enfold, smother, wrap up, recover, enclose, enwrap, package, twine.

Usage examples for wrap

  1. " You'll be cold if you don't wrap up," he said. – Jim Davis by John Masefield
  2. The plans could readily have been rolled into a small bundle and carried under a coat or wrap – The Dream Doctor by Arthur B. Reeve