Synonyms for Rightful:


all (adjective)
true, lawful.
deserving (adjective)
just (adjective)
lawful (adjective)
proper (adjective)
legal, permitted, fair.
rightful (adjective)
legal, merited, permitted, fit, fair, fitting, right, just, due, suitable, right-minded, moral, appropriate, proper, lawful, principled, deserved, virtuous, ethical, true.
suitable (adjective)
appropriate, due.


guiltless, legitimacy, innocent, current, legally, clean. proper, righteous, moral, principled, right-minded, ethical, virtuous, right. deserved, due, appropriate, merited, fit, suitable, fitting. rightful (noun)
lawful, just, true, legitimate.

Other synonyms:

current, right-minded, legally, principled, clean, legitimacy, fit, guiltless, legal, innocent. merited, virtuous, ethical. fitting. moral, proper, appropriate. righteous, right. merited
Other relevant words:
legally, merited, permitted, fit, fair, fitting, right, innocent, due, righteous, right-minded, moral, appropriate, proper, legal, principled, deserved, virtuous, ethical, suitable.

Usage examples for rightful

  1. There is an immense lot of valuable property here, and I should think it had better be taken down into the town and kept there until claimed by its rightful owners." – A Chapter of Adventures by G. A. Henty
  2. I only guess that the- rightful prince is not worthy to tie the strings of her shoes, and yet- he is all the world to her. – Christina by L. G. Moberly
  3. Although the stone was immensely valuable, any person save the rightful owner would have an exceedingly difficult time disposing of it. – The Paternoster Ruby by Charles Edmonds Walk