Synonyms for Mind:


abide by, comply, conception, conform, conscious, creativity, ego, follow, gray matter, ingenuity, intuition, obey, observe, perception, ratiocination, recognize, respect, subconscious, talent, wisdom, Percipience, keep to, adhere to. brilliance, clarity, common sense, vision. ability, alert, attention, attention span, attentive, concerned, focused, observant, regard, smart, fixated, under someone's critical eye. approach, framework, logic, perspective, pragmatism, school of thought, viewpoint. egghead, ethos, mensa, mindset, polymath, psychology, quick study, sage, artful dodger. belief, conviction, defend, feeling, guard, notion, persuasion, position, protect, safeguard, save, sentiment, shelter, shield, view, watch over, stand up for, keep (a) watch. fancy, like, liking, lose it, pleasure, see red, snap, will, hold against, rise to, fly into a temper/rage, go off at the deep end, lose your cool, lose your temper (with). lucidity, marble, sane, saneness, sanity, soundness, watch out, Lucidness, tiptoe around, watch out for, choose your words (carefully), look out for yourself/number one, tread carefully/cautiously/lightly etc.. attention (noun)
belief (noun)
notion, view.
cognition (noun)
brain, head, nous, psyche.
inclination, tendency; belief (noun)
conviction, determination, fancy, feeling, intention, liking, notion, persuasion, pleasure, purpose, sentiment, view, will, wish.
intellect (noun)
brain, capacity, cerebration, comprehension, intellect, intelligence, mentality, rationality, reason, reasoning, thinking, thought, understanding, brain-power.
intelligence (noun)
attention, brain, capacity, cognizance, conception, creativity, head, ingenuity, intellect, intuition, judgment, lucidity, mentality, perception, psyche, ratiocination, reason, reasoning, regard, sanity, soundness, talent, thinker, thought, understanding, wisdom, Percipience.
memory (noun)
remembrance, subconscious, thinking.
mind (noun)
bear in mind, beware, brain, creative thinker, head, heed, idea, intellect, judgement, judgment, listen, nous, psyche, take care, thinker, worry.
persuasion (noun)
school of thought.
purpose (noun)
determination, inclination, intention, purpose.
sanity (noun)


attend, tend (verb)
be careful (verb)
take care, watch out.
comply, obey (verb)
attend, follow, heed, listen, observe, respect, watch, adhere to.
heed (verb)
attend, concentrate on, heed, scrutinize, study, think about, watch, care about, pay attention to, take notice of, take seriously.
intend (verb)
aim, choose, consider, endeavor, expect, intend, mean, plan, propose, resolve, scheme, wish.
remember (verb)
recall, recollect.

Other synonyms:

belief, comply, egghead, ethos, framework, gray matter, memory, mensa, mindset, polymath, pragmatism, quick study, saneness, school of thought, viewpoint, artful dodger, hold against, watch out for. logic, notion, observe, psychology, recollect, sanity, will, Lucidness, rise to, tiptoe around. liking, lucidity, marble, perception, perspective, persuasion, remember, sage, soundness. conviction, position, recall, sentiment. pleasure. approach, conform, fancy, purpose, snap. follow, view. feeling. beware
take care, watch out.
care for
adhere to.
take notice of.
look at
recall, recollect.
take care
take care, watch out.
watch out for.
Other relevant words:
abide by, ability, approach, attention, bear in mind, belief, beware, brain, cognizance, comply, conception, conform, conviction, creative thinker, defend, determination, ego, ethos, fancy, feeling, follow, gray matter, guard, head, idea, inclination, intention, intuition, judgement, judgment, like, liking, listen, lucidity, marble, memory, mensa, mindset, notion, nous, obey, observe, perception, perspective, persuasion, pleasure, polymath, position, pragmatism, protect, psyche, psychology, purpose, recall, recognize, recollect, regard, remember, remembrance, respect, safeguard, sage, saneness, sanity, sentiment, shelter, shield, smart, soundness, subconscious, take care, talent, thinker, view, viewpoint, watch out, watch over, will, wisdom, worry, Lucidness, Percipience, keep to, adhere to, watch out for.

Usage examples for mind

  1. I am glad you have a mind to go with me. – The Pilgrim's Progress in Words of One Syllable by Mary Godolphin
  2. I want to take up something else, if you don't mind – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon
  3. Well, he said, I don't know that I shall mind them. – The Heritage of the Hills by Arthur P. Hankins