Synonyms for Psychology:


behaviorism, educational, dynamic, child, psychodynamics, applied linguistics, experimental, developmental, Anthropology, abnormal, motor, structural, popular, archaeology, differential, organismic, acoustics, medicine, academic, individual, animal, psychodiagnosis, Adlerian, group, therapy, gestalt, ancient history, parapsychology, applied, self, jungian, genetic, study of personality, analytical, archeology, science, physiological, aesthetics, functional, architecture, freudian, introspective, agronomy, agriculture, psychometrics, clinical, existential, social, comparative. aversion therapy, analysis, analyse, consciousness, couch, mind, mentality, thoughts, mindset, analyze, what makes someone tick, ego, ethos, psyche, collective unconscious, analyst, free association. psychical research (noun)
hypnotism, spiritualism, astrology, hallucination, sorcery, divination, mysticism, soothsaying, psychoanalysis, hysteria, supernaturalism, fortune telling, psychotherapy, necromancy, telepathy.
psychology (noun)
psychological science.
study of the mind; emotional and mental constitution (noun)
medicine, therapy, behaviorism.

Other synonyms:

mindset, ethos, Anthropology, science. mentality. psyche. mind. Other relevant words:
behaviorism, abnormal, aesthetics, comparative, psychodynamics, applied, dynamic, medicine, analytical, archeology, Anthropology, freudian, group, animal, structural, gestalt, experimental, analyse, organismic, clinical, science, popular, acoustics, psychometrics, psychodiagnosis, physiological, parapsychology, jungian, mind, thoughts, educational, archaeology, couch, developmental, differential, psyche, mentality, mindset, consciousness, analysis, psychological science, existential, therapy, agronomy, agriculture, self, what makes someone tick, social, architecture, functional, analyze, academic, Adlerian, individual, genetic, analyst, motor, ego, child, ethos, introspective.

Usage examples for psychology

  1. This form of religious literature is a morbid form if taken by itself; but it did correspond to a certain reality in psychology which most people of any religion, or even of none, have felt a touch of at some time or other. – Eugenics and Other Evils by G. K. Chesterton
  2. I know nothing about the psychology of Irish girls, for I was not in a position to investigate or experiment; but while they are shy, at first, I should judge that most of them are not altogether averse to mild flirtation. – The Charm of Ireland by Burton Egbert Stevenson
  3. I never read anybody on the Psychology of Business, but I know human nature all the way from Elm Street, Winnebago, to Fifth Avenue, New York. – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber