Synonyms for Comparative:


approximate, close to (adjective)
contrastive, parallel, metaphorical, conditional, corresponding, comparable, related, Vying, approaching, Rivaling, matching, connected, allusive, not absolute, near, relative, restricted, correlative, in proportion, qualified, not positive, analogous, contingent, provisional, similar, like.
comparative (adjective)
contrasting, analogous, metaphorical, parallel, Likened, similar, comparable, allegorical.
metaphorical (adjective)
ornamental, metaphorical, alliterative, contrasting.
rough (adjective)


past participle, the superlative, participle, present participle, adjective, ADJ. gradable, superlative, attributive, predicative, adjectival, same. equation, comparatively, juxtaposition, perspective, analogy, relational, comparison. comparable (noun)
approaching, connected, Vying, near, approximate, inconclusive, allusive, like, restricted, contingent, contrastive, related, close to, in proportion, conditional, qualified, with reservations, not absolute, provisional, corresponding, not positive, Rivaling, matching, correlative.
comparative (noun)

Other synonyms:

attributive, ADJ, adjective, comparatively, gradable, relational, analogy, predicative, adjectival. perspective, comparison. superlative. equation. Other relevant words:
gradable, near, corresponding, perspective, relational, correlative, like, contrastive, predicative, adjectival, in proportion, comparatively, allusive, related, connected, approaching, contingent, Vying, conditional, analogy, not positive, not absolute, approximate, close to, relative, matching, restricted, provisional, inconclusive, qualified, Rivaling, comparison.

Usage examples for comparative

  1. 13. What is the comparative degree? – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown
  2. There I had a late luncheon in comparative comfort, and moreover I could look out of the windows on to the sea. – The Spy in Black by J. Storer Clouston