Synonyms for Acoustics:


db, break up, acoustic, above, audio, audible, decibel. archeology, aesthetics, archaeology, architecture, ancient history, applied linguistics, Anthropology, agriculture, agronomy. sound (noun)
sound, noise.

Other synonyms:

decibel, acoustic, audible, audio, break up, Anthropology, archaeology, architecture, applied linguistics, db, ancient history. above. Other relevant words:
acoustic, audible, above.

Usage examples for acoustics

  1. It seemed to me those doctors had not left anything inside of me except the acoustics – "Speaking of Operations--" by Irvin S. Cobb
  2. First and foremost we have to think of Mathematics, of Arithmetic and Geometry and Optics and Acoustics and Astronomy, but we must not forget also their later and perhaps not wholly so successful advances in Physics and Chemistry, in Botany and Zoology, in Anatomy and Physiology. – The Unity of Civilization by Various