Synonyms for Reasoning:


all (adjective)
intelligent, thinking.
intellectual (adjective)
intellectual, thinking, egghead, psychological, rational, cerebral, intelligent, understanding, brainy.


focus, assessment, soul-searching, introspection, forethought. intellect (noun)
intellect, brain, reason, intelligence, mentality, rationality, capacity, comprehension, mind, understanding, brain-power.
intelligence (noun)
logic, interpretation (noun)
cogitation, analysis, thought, thinking, reason.
logical thinking (noun)
abstract thought.
rational (noun)
logical, judicious, analytical, inductive.
reason (noun)
reasoning (noun)
intelligent, abstract thought, thinking, rational, logical thinking.
thought (noun)
contemplation, study, brooding, evaluation, absorption, speculation, consideration, appraisal, Debating, envisioning, engrossment, concentration, musing, thinking, attention, intellection, pondering, deliberation, brain work, daydreaming, lucubration, preoccupation, weighing, meditation, analysis, reflection, cogitation, thought, wistfulness, cerebration, imagination, calculation.


reasoning (verb)
Deducing, synthesizing, conceptualizing, Analyzing, Inferring, Inducting, Cogitating.
thinking (verb)
reflecting, Considering, Deliberating, studying, Concentrating, Contemplating, evaluating, Speculating, Imagining, calculating, Meditating, cerebrating, appraising.

Other synonyms:

introspection, forethought, soul-searching. assessment. focus. Other relevant words:
focus, abstract thought, logical, forethought, inductive, judicious, analytical, assessment, introspection, logical thinking, soul-searching.

Usage examples for reasoning

  1. If there existed a dim consciousness of such reasoning it might have been well entertained. – The Growth of Thought As Affecting the Progress of Society by William Withington
  2. Such is Maimonides' method of reasoning – Jewish Literature and Other Essays by Gustav Karpeles
  3. " That is likely enough," says I, not a little surprised by his reasoning – A Set of Rogues by Frank Barrett